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Post: Maygurov says he can go to the start of the race in Ryazan


The head of the RRF, Maygurov, said that as a show, he could go to the start of the race in Ryazan.

UFA, 17 December – RIA Novosti, Alexander Govorov. The President of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) Viktor Maigurov told reporters that he would consider his performance at the Commonwealth Cup stage in Ryazan as a show.

The Commonwealth Cup stage in Ryazan will take place from December 24-25 and will be held in supersprint and mass exit format.

“In Ryazan, the fans will have a serious entertainment program. I will not reveal all the secrets yet, but everything will be very global. In terms of the format of the competition, it will be a super sprint and a collective start, these are the most interesting races I started preparing a long time ago, everything is great I need to practice for it (laughs) I’ve only been skiing a few times this year. As a demonstration, it’s probably possible (smiles)” said Maygurov.

Source: Ria

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