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Post: Zhamnov said that the Russian national hockey team is preparing for the 2026 Olympics.


Zhamnov said that Russian hockey players are preparing to participate in the 2026 Olympics.

MOSCOW, December 18 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Senchenko. Alexei Zhamnov, head coach of the Russian national hockey team, expressed the opinion that tournaments such as the Channel One Cup are used by the national team to prepare for international competitions, including the 2026 Olympic Games.

In the First Channel Cup, the Russian team beat the Kazakhstan team (6:2) and lost to the Belarusians in the penalty shootout (4:5).

“Criticism is a normal thing. It’s always there. We also expected a different result. We changed the squad, we put those who did not participate in such tournaments. We wanted to win the tournament, look at the next reserve. All the guys are playing great in the KHL championship, they emphasized watching them at a different level After all, the club Hockey and playing for the national team are different, in the Men’s clubs they fulfill these duties, but at some moments at this level, they did not complete it, Zhamnov told reporters. I have no right to lay claim to anyone, the guys did their best in the current situation, “he said.

“There’s always excitement on the bench, we’re worried about the result. We made mistakes that led to defeat. We needed to play easier, get the puck into the net and not look for middle passes, which made us uncomfortable.” it ruined us guys, we talked about motivation in the first meeting, we saw what we wanted in terms of game, we can say that we are preparing for the 2026 Olympics, we can say that every tournament is a preparation for the 2026 Olympics,” added the coach of the Russian national team.

Source: Ria

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