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Post: Rotenberg announces defeat of CSKA


Coach Rotenberg said that SKA players cannot be rebuilt after a break in the KHL.

st. Petersburg, December 21 – RIA Novosti, Dmitry Edigarev. SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg played in the Continental Hockey League (KHL) match against CSKA Moscow in St. He said the leaders of the St. Petersburg team were unable to regroup after the break.

Wednesday at St. The match between teams in St. Petersburg ended with the victory of the visiting team with a score of 2:1.

“They played our best hockey in the first period, but you have to take your chances in such matches. In previous matches, such chances were transformed. We talked to our young defender and said that he should not take risks. Score 0-0 goals and make individual moves. Either not a missed goal, but abandonment. Let them lead to a goal scored. We are proud that Valentin Zykov scored because he is our student. Returnees from the national team need time to get used to our style of play,” Rotenberg told reporters.
Continental Hockey League (KHL)
21 December 2022 • Starts at 19:30

one : 2


The specialist also talked about the game of goalkeeper Vladislav Podyapolsky and said that the matches with CSKA are an indicator of the strength of the teams.

“Vladislav Podyapolsky is not responsible for missed goals. Any mistake of the goalkeeper is the kicker. The second goal is the fault of the outfielders returning from the national team. The opponent did not have much chance. Even football player Emiliano Martinez made more saves. out of luck. hard to win with a puck but more We can score more goals. I’ve played against cska many times. Playing against cska and similar teams is important because it’s an indicator. It’s important for us to reach the top of form for the playoffs,” Rotenberg told reporters.

SKA continues to lead the Western Conference with 71 points.

Source: Ria

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