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Post: “Mishin listens to K-pop every day”: Russian Idol interview


The new champion of Russia in figure skating Evgeny Semenenko He told RIA Novosti Sport about a star’s plight and why he’s not like Michael Jackson.

– The mood is the best, – said Semenenko, the day after the victory in Krasnoyarsk. – I am glad that this year ended with a victory for me. For a long time the Russian championship was not given to me … But now everything went well in the city of Krasnoyarsk, which I love with all my heart. I’ve always had good performances here. Here he also won the Russian Championship in 2021.

– Could you grasp the situation with the same points? Yesterday, I understand you were in shock.

– And not just me (laughs). We have a strong fight. Now you can breathe a little, those stressful days are over. The Russian Championship is the most important start, I worked hard. I’m glad that the work in education is bearing fruit.

– How did Alexey Nikolaevich and Tatyana Nikolaevna perceive?

– They always support me, both in joyful moments and in difficult moments. It seems to me that they were almost happier than me now – this year has not been easy. Overall, I was very pleased that the entire coaching team – five people – was with me during the hire.

– Almost a record.

– Yes. This gives even more emotional charge, a clean glide and a desire to please the fans and coaches. Of course yourself.

– I remember you from past seasons. You were a bit like inside yourself and now you’re really starting to open up. And I think don’t be afraid to be a star. At least on ice. How have you changed during this time?

– I have never considered myself a star … I just accumulate certain experience, pass certain tests. Everything is warming up. Last season was very difficult, but I managed to compete in the Olympics. Plus, I can highlight my work – it also helps with character development.

Now it’s even easier for me to perform because I’m always in shape. I usually have two main actions – either I ride or I study. Always busy with something.

I enjoy going to trainings, I enjoy riding horses. But I also like to go to couples, communicating with the same students as me. I pass the same tests, exams. It turns out that one helped the other.

– Does not burnout occur? And then ice work, ice work.

– Listen, I have varying loads – mental and physical. Everyone goes through tough times, but you have to deal with it. And burnout… What kind of burnout? I don’t have time to think about it, I don’t have anything like that.

– You chose Beijing as one of your starting points. What did the Olympics teach you about life?

– On the way to the World Championships and Olympics, my life positions and views have changed in many ways. You could say I’ve matured dramatically (laughs). And in sports, the world began to teach me how to properly fit in competitions.

– In what plan?

– Let’s say earlier it was difficult for me to scroll the program by the last number, but now I am trying to cope. And he succeeded at the Russian Championship.

– Summer injury not making itself felt?

– What happened, then it passed, now everything is fine. This is the main thing.

– I’ve been told of several cases where someone was skeptical of K-Pop and then went to South Korea and left with a bunch of CDs of local bands. Naturally, it came under the influence of this culture. How did you enter?

– Thanks anime. Each of them has an opening and an ending – these are very short clips with music about the plot. I watched Black Clover, I really liked one of the openings. I asked Alexei Nikolaevich to put the program under him. But the problem is, that part was very fast paced. We decided it would be better to mix it with something slow. I looked up the name of the performance group, bought another track in addition to that track – and that’s how my show schedule came about, which, by the way, was even noted by Yeonjun, a member of my favorite TXT group.

So everything turned upside down. I listen to K-Pop a lot now. I like many bands, but my favorite is the band that won the Russian championship with their music (laughs).

– Was Alexey Nikolaevich surprised when they came to him with such music?

– I proposed and he said, “If you like it, it’s okay.” But when I let him listen to Frost, I didn’t expect him to approve. “You know it’ll be great,” she said. I immediately guessed that the program would be perfect. And I was glad that the Frost issue made a splash among show programs.

– Isn’t Mishin a K-Pop addict?

– You’d better ask him. On the other hand, listen, now he listens to it when I record every day! (laughs).

– Many people asked how you dye your hair?

– Yes, with ordinary dye, which is washed off with shampoo on the market.

– You said you don’t feel like a star. But you definitely see how your army of fans is growing…

– I don’t like the term. A star for me … For example, Michael Jackson. This is truly a star popular all over the world.

So let’s think of another word. How did you find Russian Idol?

– Sounds great! (laughs). It’s good already, I like it. As for the fans, of course I am very happy that the figure skating fans know and support me.

– In the context of the stars, you remembered Michael Jackson, but did not name anyone from the sport.

– Simply, I think “star” is a very global status.

– Is Nathan Chen a star?

– No doubt. In general, I will say – this is an ideal to pursue both in figure skating and outside. When I went to the world championships, to the Grand Prix, I watched how he behaved, how he reacted to certain situations, talked to him about studying medicine, and then I planned to do it. Nathan is not only a great athlete, but also a great person. In order to be a star, the second is as important as the first.

– It does not bother you that you are the champion of Russia, in normal cases you would at least go to the European Championship, but in the current situation …

– Nothing depends on me. Even if the season was familiar, the training process, my preparation for the Russian Championship would not change in any way. The essence of my lifestyle is to have a steady tone. If I get out of it, it will affect everything, including sports.

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