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Post: Bolshunov harshly restrained Ustyugov after an incident at the track


Skier Bolshunov advised Ustyugov to race with a video camera

KRASNOGORSK (Moscow region), December 25 – RIA Novosti, Sergey Fuks. After skier Alexander Bolshunov ran in classical style during the fifth stage of the Russian Cup in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, he advised teammate Sergei Ustyugov, who accused him of dishonest fights, to compete with a video camera.

The race was held on Sunday. Alexander Terentiev became the winner of the race. Bolshunov was second and Ustyugov was fifth. After finishing it, Ustyugov said that Bolshunov acted “inhumanely” by stepping on his skis.

“We raced each other, we passed each other, and at that moment Terentyev – ah, we ran! And there we hacked each other (laughs). There was no choice ahead, because the turn was almost 180 degrees, it was necessary to occupy the inner radius. Ustyugov thinks that the rules have been violated? Well, now with the camera let him wander, ”Bolshunov told reporters.

“Listen, when Ustyugov advanced, when he approached Chusovoy, no one saw this, and everyone said that everything was fine. I came and told him the same thing. “I will not give water to anyone, I will not prove it on the track, go out and show the result. If Ustyugov wanted, I would run with him to the superfinals to still find out who is stronger (laughs). You can even run on different tracks, “- he added.

Ustyugov did not shake Bolshunov’s hand after the run.

“I did not notice this, the guys and I congratulated each other,” said Bolshunov, “There is nothing irritating, it just seems to Sergey that he is his main rival and constantly wants to overtake me, it’s not like that”, even pay attention to someone else, snow and every centimeter decided everything.

Source: Ria

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