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Post: Kozlovsky praises goalkeeper Martinez’s scandalous behavior in the World Cup final


Figure skater Kozlovsky on the behavior of Emiliano Martinez: An athlete must be stable

KRASNOYARSK, December 26 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Simonenko. Figure skater Dmitry Kozlovsky, who won the Russian championship in Krasnoyarsk in his sports pair with Alexandra Boikova, commented on the behavior of the Argentina national team goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez in the World Cup final, noting that he is a top athlete. must be resistant to irritating factors.

Argentina national team defeated the French team in the World Cup final held in Qatar. Trying to psychologically influence the strikers on the decisive penalty shootout, Martinez was shown the yellow card for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Some experts said that the referee should react more harshly to the provocations of the Argentine goalkeeper.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Kozlovsky said, “If you claim to have won the World Cup and it can throw you off balance that easily, then you don’t deserve to be world champion. The Netherlands. But they say, “We survived! There are always some disturbing elements. Serious victory is not just given. If an athlete is going to the highest achievements in sports, he needs to be resilient at all times. Here we can remember.” Some of our skaters who passed doping tests on the day of the free program at the Olympics and then came out and glided clean and won. A professional should be able to concentrate when it comes to work. No matter who, what, where he says it.”

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