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Post: Masalitin expressed his condolences on the death of Dmitriev


Masalitin: Dmitriev was a great football player and an open person with a good heart

MOSCOW, December 26 – RIA Novosti, Oleg Bogatov. The late former striker of Moscow CSKA, the silver medalist of the European Championship in 1988, Sergei Dmitriev, said that the striker’s former partner in the team, Valery Masalitin, is a first-class football player, an open and friendly person. RIA Novosti.

The death of two-time USSR champion, Russian champion and USSR Cup winner Dmitriev at the age of 59 became known on Monday. As part of the Leningrad “Zenith” (in 1984) and CSKA (1991), the striker became the champion of the USSR and won the Russian championship with the capital “Spartak” (1997). Dmitriev also won the USSR Cup with CSKA (1991). Throughout his career, Dmitriev also played for clubs in Dynamo Moscow, Tyumen, Smolensk Kristall, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Israel. After completing his acting career, Dmitriev took up coaching.

“My memories of Sergey Dmitriev are associated only with bright and positive emotions. We were young then and reached the maximum in our life, we won both the championship and the Cup. And when the atmosphere in the team was not the best, he always unloaded. He supported the guys with his jokes and stories. He was a great football player. and he was a positive man in every way.Sergey played well with his head, deftly covered the ball with his body and clearly transformed goal positions. He had all the qualities. He was an open and good-natured person, always coming to the rescue of his comrades,” said Masalitin.

“I can’t say anything bad about him in any way. At that time we had a St. Petersburg diaspora in CSKA. And (head coach) Pavel Sadyrin and Valera Broshin and Vasya Ivanov and the young Vlad Radimov who came later and other guys Relations in the team were normal.Sergey “Although he was already the champion of the Soviet Union, he did not have the crown, and although we competed for a place in the squad, we never had a crossover. We have always supported each other,” added the interlocutor agency.

Source: Ria

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