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Post: Hertha Berlin president calls for more dialogue between fans and police


berlin (dpa)

The president of the German football club Hertha Berlin, Kai Bernstein, calls for more dialogue between football fans and the authorities. We need to explain how visitors arrive and how they envision the experience of watching an away game at the weekend. and the impact of undesirable culture at train stations”.

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And Bernstein believes that the situation surrounding the game can be better understood if: “all parties involved listen more carefully to supporters’ associations and social workers”, adding: “with a joint dialogue, a solution can be found” .

Bernstein believes that it is necessary to review the decisions related to the use of fireworks in stadiums, “because the sanctions and bans have not resulted”. Bernstein suggested that a section of the stands be reserved for the fireworks. He added: “No one is saying we have to find a solution now that will be used for the next 25 years. But why not try? And if you do, it will be good. And if that doesn’t work, let’s try again. The use of fireworks is prohibited in football stadiums, but despite this, torches were fired in the stands during matches, causing constant controversy among fans, football officials and politicians.

Source: Al Ittihad

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