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Post: Permanent Representative of Qatar to the UN talks about holding the World Cup


Qatar’s Permanent Representative to the UN has announced that attempts to politicize football during the World Cup have been suppressed.

UN, 28 December – RIA Novosti. Qatar’s permanent representative to the UN, Sheikha Alia bin Ahmed Al Thani, told RIA Novosti that Qatar has stopped attempts to politicize the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Asked about his attempts to politicize the championship, Al Thani said, “The State of Qatar, with the support of our friends around the world, has reduced and contained all attempts to politicize football and sports. We sincerely respect the values.” But we expect reciprocity from other people.”

According to him, the championship provided an opportunity to “learn and explore the depth of the diversity of our world.” “We will continue to adhere to our national and Arab values ​​as well as international common values ​​and standards. We will work together to reduce politicization and racism in football in general,” he said.

The American television channel CNN previously reported that FIFA refused Vladimir Zelensky’s request to show the video message in the stadium before the start of the Argentina v France World Cup final match.

Argentina – France The World Cup final was held on 18 December at the “Lusail” stadium in the suburbs of Doha, the capital of Qatar. Ukrainian officials have been informed that FIFA considers the video message to be politically biased. FIFA President Gianni Infantino said at a press conference that the football field is not a place for political action and protest.

Source: Ria

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