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CSKA coach Fedorov does not want the team to cause difficulties during the matches

MOSCOW, December 28 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Senchenko. CSKA Moscow head coach Sergey Fedorov has confirmed that the Continental Hockey League (KHL) SKA St.

The match, which took place in Moscow on Wednesday, ended with the strong will of the hosts to win (3:1).

“We’ve had a lot today. We didn’t take all the quality chances, but we played a little better with the puck. SKA created difficulties for us. We conceded an easy goal in the beginning. They came together and changed the course of the game. I want my friends not to give them such difficulties “We have to play better in easy situations and we will play. If we don’t play, we score goals. character and morale of the team, but knowing how long and intense the playoff season is, I generally prefer to save energy if possible. It is difficult for us right now. There are wounded, most of them returned after pneumonia,” Fedorov told reporters.
Continental Hockey League (KHL)
28 December 2022 • Starts at 19:30

3 : one


The author of the winning duo in the match was Konstantin Okulov.

“Okulov had a certain disposition. In the middle of the season it was due to fatigue. After the previous games, there was no serious criticism from my side. For a player in the classification like Konstantin, his situation was clear,” Fedorov added.

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