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Post: “Rush!” he shouted in a drunken stupor. Russian hockey players unloaded from plane bound for USA


The glorious victory at the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship ended with adventures at the airport for the Russian team. Valery Bragin’s wards, who destroyed Canada in the final, were dismounted due to “bad behavior”. RIA Novosti Sport describes what really happened there.

celebrated victory

In the winter of 2011, the junior team took the last world title at this time. In the final, Bragin’s men lost with a score of 0:3, and then won by making a wild comeback – 5:3. Artemy Panarin, Evgeny Kuznetsov and others were extremely happy. Emotions were running high, so the celebration of success was expected to follow all traditions.

Definitely a normal story. North American journalists have repeatedly described how Canadians celebrated victories until they fainted. Sometimes even literally. Don’t be surprised if our guys decided to rejoice at the true value of a great success. The next day, the team was supposed to fly home from Buffalo in transit via Atlanta and New York.

But the Russians did not even manage to leave the first airport. NBC television channel reported in a news report that Delta employees did not board the national team due to drunkenness and inappropriate behavior. Representatives of the carrier company said they were acting only for safety reasons and had no other purpose. Delta Airlines employee Susan Elliott added that 30 people were removed from the plane. The Russian Hockey Federation (FHR) confirmed the information, but denied the data on the drunken brawl.

“After a successful final, the guys were touched by the gold they won, so the training camp took a little long, the team was late to the airport. We tried to do everything we could to get the team to fly to Moscow as soon as possible,” he said.

Western press attacked the national team

The North American media began to find out what had happened. The main version is that one of the passengers did not like the behavior of Russian hockey players, who turned to the flight attendants and demanded to bring down the winners of the MFM-2011. In the US and Canada, such requests are generally accepted even if there is no actual “corpus delicti”. The final decision is made by the captain of the aircraft.

At the same time, television channels in Buffalo failed to reach the hot details. Separate videos emerged from the airport, but showed no signs of attack. Hockey players either scatter in their hockey bags or laze around the terminal. The Canadian Globe and Mail took the trouble to seize a video of Russians drinking beer in the hotel lobby and shouting “Hurry up” and “We beat Canada”. Apparently, it was assumed that this story would be self-explanatory. However, nothing extraordinary happened apart from individual screams and pint glasses. The behavior of the players cannot be called obscene.

Will the secret remain a secret?

From such videos, a hot plot cannot be blinded. The most recent attempt was made by Buffalo News. They found a bus driver who took the Russian national team from the hotel to the airport. He made sure that some hockey players were literally brought into transport. They were in an unconscious state. Allegedly, they still had to be pushed off the bus afterwards. One driver named Curtis Hall admitted he was happy to “finally get rid of the Russians”.

When they arrived, Bragin and his wards told what had happened. It is clear that they categorically deny information about a drunken stupor. Striker Sergey Kalinin admitted that on the plane it was really noisy and they shouted “Russia”. However, there was no crime.

It’s hard to know for sure what the board of the Delta plane looked like at Buffalo airport that day. But fans will forever remember the emotions that Russian hockey players gave during those New Year holidays.

Source: Ria

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