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Post: Will the Russian biathletes have a new boss? Who is Pavel Rostovtsev?


Pavel Rostovtsev has won the World Championships three times during his sports career and is an Olympic medalist. After that, he worked with Wolfgang Pichler. Now the 51-year-old specialist can lead the Russian biathlon team. However, not everyone likes this scenario. Are you waiting for new scandals?

Has Rostovtsev’s appointment been finalized?

The end of the year in Russian biathlon brought quite unexpected news. According to RIA Novosti, a new boss may appear in the team. They must be Pavel Rostovtsev, a three-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist. This scenario has been considered before, but after the election of the President of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU), everything stopped a bit. Probably, work in this direction was carried out quietly and calmly.

Rostovtsev’s candidacy has either already been sent to the Ministry of Sports or is about to be made. Everything will become completely clear after the New Year holidays, but the existence of such an undertaking is already indisputable. Another issue is that the decision will belong to the Ministry of Sports. As a rule, this is a technical moment. But sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev is sure that Rostovtsev will not be at the head of the Russian team.

“He will not be the head coach of the Russian biathlon team. He does not meet the criteria of the Ministry of Sports specified in the instruction. We must respect the laws of the country in which we live. I have no rights. I doubt that they are observed in the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Training Center. The Russian Biathlon Union and his colleague Maygurov do not follow the rules. If he can spit out as much, that’s their problem. “When some people try to apply for such positions after first training someone and then working in the regional ministries, they are not able to be appointed,” he said.

Successful biathlete but out of the national team for 8 years

Who is Pavel Rostovtsev? She disappeared from the radars of major biathlons in 2014 when she completed her tenure as a shooting coach for the Russian women’s national team. He then worked with the German expert Wolfgang Pichler. The team’s results showed uncertain. Although there were no major claims against Rostovtsev. The hit percentage from our biathletes remained good.

He then held a senior position in the Krasny Yar rugby club, managing sports in the Irkutsk region, becoming the Minister of Sports of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and then an adviser to the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. He is completely immersed in politics. The return to biathlon was hardly expected, but now such expectations are quite real.

Rostovtsev achieved the main achievements in his career precisely as a biathlete. Three times he won the gold medal at the world championships, six times he won the silver medal at the world championships. At the Olympic Games in his collection, silver for the 2006 relay race in Turin. In previous Games in Salt Lake City, Pavel was very unlucky. He never dropped below sixth place in four races, but neither did he get a medal. In 2002, Rostovtsev was close to winning the Great Crystal Globe, but finished second in the overall World Cup standings.

Therefore, the Russian biathlon team can be led by a strong athlete in the past. At the same time, it is impossible to admit that Rostovtsev has not worked at a high level for the past eight years. We will find out very soon whether the specialist will really lead the national team.

Source: Ria

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