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Post: Ovchinnikov talked about the Estonian players apologizing for meeting with Karpin.


Ovchinnikov called it foolish for the Estonian players to apologize for meeting with Karpin.

MOSCOW, December 5 – RIA Novosti, Alena Sulizova. The excitement caused by the meeting between the head coach of the Russian national team Valery Karpin and the players of the Estonian national team seems ridiculous, coach Valery Ovchinnikov told RIA Novosti.

On December 31, former Estonian national team football player Andrey Stepanov Karpin posted a photo on social networks from a restaurant attended by Estonian national team captain Konstantin Vasiliev, midfielder Sergey Zenev, assistant head coach Andres Oper and other representatives of Estonian football. Later, the supporter organization MTU Jalgpallihaigla and Estonian Culture Minister Piret Hartman came to the fore with their criticism. The Estonian Football Federation sent a joint statement to the media on Wednesday by Vasiliev, Zenev and Opera apologizing for the photo. Karpin is a native of the Estonian city of Narva.

“We have been living in a kind of surrealism for a long time,” said Ovchinnikov, who coached Karpin in Tallinn “Sport”. “This is incomprehensible to me. Karpin, a resident of the city of Narva, met with players he liked. They made the mark that he was his coach. God bless him and everyone he met. Stupidity at the highest level. Well, how else. No words. ”

Earlier, Estonian Football Association President Aivar Pohlak had not criticized the players who met with the Russian coach. “

Source: Ria

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