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Post: New Brazilians will come to Zenit: this will replace Rakitsky and Barrios


The history of Yuri Alberto and Zenit will end soon. The president of Corinthians, where the striker was hired the other day, said in an interview with Brazilian television that an agreement was reached with the Blue-White-Blues for the striker. In return for him, the Russian club will receive two players at once – defender Roberto Renan and midfielder Du Queiroz.

The President of Corinthians said that Renan will already go to Russia during this transfer window and Queiroz will become a Zenit player next summer. So who are these players and are they ready to strengthen the champion?

a young copy of Rakitsky

It is worth remembering that Alberto came to Zenit in January last year and managed to play only 15 games for the club, after which he went on loan to Corinthians. On the opposite side, midfielder Gustavo Mantua and goalkeeper Ivan were given leases. Now it seems unlikely that both Brazilians will be rescued by the club from St.

Brazilian defender Roberto Renan - RIA Novosti, 1920, 01/07/2023
Brazilian defender Roberto Renan

The first “blue-white-blue” rookie will be 19-year-old defender Renan, who will arrive in Russia in the winter. At first glance, it may seem like the club is holding back the departure of Dejan Lovren, who signed with Lyon. But things are a little different.

Roberto looks like another defender Yaroslav Rakitskiy, who played for Zenit before. Renan is a distinctly left-handed person who likes to launch attacks. He can pass both close and long distance passes directly to the offensive line. The centre-back can easily advance the ball himself if there is a gap in front of him. Small jolts to the center circle are a common technique for Brazilians.

The Brazilian press sees Renan as a potentially very strong defender, but still very raw at the moment. He only reached Corinthians base last year, where he played only 13 games in the Brazilian championship. And in the final edition of the Libertadores Cup, he was not allowed to play even a minute. Thus, the Brazilian club gives the “Zenith” of the little defender.

Among the shortcomings of Renan, the title draws attention. The height of the defender is 186 centimeters. Normal gauges, but you can’t call it a giant. Therefore, in the fight on the second floor, Robert is unlikely to add strength to “Zenith”. Local media often states that he hits the ball under pressure and does not try to come out of it. This cannot be called a player’s minus, but such episodes often lead to a loss of possession.

Portal Transfermarkt estimates the defender at two million euros. The site also shows that Robert can play on the right defensively, but more in the centre.

Spare Barrios

Keyroz is noticeably more experienced than her future partner in “Zenith”. The other day the midfielder turned 23 and managed to play more than eighty games for Corinthians. He was a key player for the Brazilian club in the 2022 season and has almost always been in the starting line-up.

Brazilian midfielder Du Queiroz - RIA Novosti, 1920, 01/07/2023
Brazilian midfielder Du Queiroz

Du plays as a defensive midfielder and is worth five million euros. Journalists from Latin America note good deeds in electoral, technical and filigree crosses. The disadvantages include the dimensions of the player. At 171 centimeters, it is difficult for him to deal with martial arts.

However, Keyroz cannot be called a classic defensive midfielder. He dribbles frequently and likes to scatter attacks, so he can play in the eight position. Previously, it was reported that Lyon was interested in his services, but the issue did not go beyond gossip.

The main problem with Queiroz’s move is that Zenit has a full set in midfield. It is no longer possible to imagine that Du could kick Wilmar Barrios or Wendel from the main team. As a backup he is of course excellent, but without a split of the leaders he is unlikely to count on a place in the starting lineup.

It seems that instead of Alberto, “Zenith” will get two players who could potentially make a significant profit, but are not ready to seriously raise the level of the team at the moment. Additionally, Yuri is estimated at 16 million, while rookies total only seven. It does not seem like the most profitable exchange on paper, but there is one nuance.

Alberto could take advantage of the FIFA rule and freeze the contract with Zenit by lending it to Corinthians without compensation. Who would stop him from doing the same next time? Thus, the Russian club was able to work in their favor by negotiating for two talented players even though there was nothing left.

Source: Ria

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