Post: Skopintsev spoke enthusiastically about the World Cup in Qatar

Dynamo football player Skopintsev said that the Argentina national team deservedly won the 2022 World Cup.

MOSCOW, January 10 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Sergeev. The defender of the Moscow football club Dynamo Dmitry Skopintsev told RIA Novosti that the Argentina national team deserved the World Cup in Qatar.

Argentina defeated France on penalties in the final.

“The World Championship in 2018 was very good, tasted and then revised. But that was good too. It’s great that the tournament is held in the cold season. You can feel the break at a time when November is so dreary. I think the World Cup was a success and exceeded all expectations Portugal and Ronaldo’ They did not succeed, but everything ahead, Argentina’s victory was well-deserved, everyone marched and sang in their country. These centuries, no, it is forgotten,” said Skopintsev.

“As for Germany, I liked it in 2008-2010. There was an interesting team: Müller, Ozil, Schweinsteiger. They were cool and their form was good. But lately the Germans have not left the group, there is nothing interesting. There is nothing,” he added.

Source: Ria

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