Post: McEnroe: Medvedev never recovered from Nadal defeat

McEnroe: Medvedev lost to Nadal in Australian Open final

MOSCOW, January 10 – RIA Novosti. Drop in the game of Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev last season may be related According to former world number one American John McEnroe, he lost to Spaniard Rafael Nadal in the final of the Australian Open – 2022.

Nadal beat Medvedev 0-2 in sets in the Australian Open final in January last year, beating 2:6, 6:7 (5:7), 6:4, 6:4, 7:5.

He quotes Eurosport McEnroe: “I think Medvedev never recovered after his first two-set defeat in that match against Rafa. He also needs to get a qualitatively new mindset because he lost the first-place title to 7th place earlier last year ( In the updated ATP rankings, Medvedev dropped to 8th place – ed.), which is a pretty sharp drop for a man who came very close to winning the Australian Open.

“A defeat like that can really stick in your memory sometimes. I lost to Ivan Lendl at the French Open in 1984 and I’m about to get over it now. I was lucky to win Wimbledon right after that, so it eased the pain, but you’ll never forget it. There is a lesson to be learned from all this, though. Medvedev has enough experience to use it as a push forward,” McEnroe added.

In 2022, Medvedev won two ATP singles titles. The 2023 Australian Open will take place January 16-29.

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