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Post: Vyalbe appreciated the intensity of the struggle in the race that Bolshunov lost.


Vyalbe: There was a big fight in cross-country skiing between men in the sixth stage of the Russian Cup

SYKTYVKAR, January 12 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. Elena Vyalbe, President of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR), told reporters that in the sixth stage of the men’s sprint of the Russian Cup, it was a big fight, even though Sergey Ustyugov did not participate in the competition.

Alexander Terentyev, a two-time bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing, won the classic sprint in the sixth stage of the Russian Cup in cross-country skiing in Syktyvkar. Alexander Bolshunov, three-time Olympic champion, took second place, Ivan Gorbunov took third place (+2.90).

“Sergey was not going to participate in all the stages. This year he was just preparing for the national championship, so he has his own plan, individual training. I think it was a great fight today, so I hope the real fans enjoyed it.” I had fun today, it was really cool, there was a real fight, it was almost incomprehensible until the end, “said Vyalbe.

Vyalbe evaluated whether Syktyvkar was ready to host the competition.

“I think everything is ready, we lack long-distance snow, but we know that everything is prepared there, the snow is collected, even the weather is adjusted. A known place, Syktyvkar is the power of skiers. This is our motto, we do not deny it, there were famous skiers and I hope they will be here.” , so we will not deny these words.”

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