Post: Bolshunov complains about bad situation before sprint

Skier Bolshunov: The situation before the sprint was bad, but it got better with each run

SYKTYVKAR, January 12 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov said that during the Russian Cup stage in Syktyvkar, he felt unwell before the sprint started, but that his condition improved during the race.

Bolshunov finished second in the sprint, losing to Alexander Terentiev.

“I didn’t train for five days after the fall, my back ached. The week before Syktyvkar was light training. Now I don’t feel good, but I’m surprised that he’s better today. One and That wasn’t enough. If they had gone out in parallel with Terentyev, they would have been killed,” he said.

“In the final, I wanted to fight Terentyev on the descent before the last climb, but I lost my balance a bit before switching to the left road. I could have fallen, but luckily I resisted and kept fighting to the finish line,” said the skier.

According to Bolshunov, the competition in the sprint in the Russian Cup stage in Syktyvkar was high, despite the absence of Sergei Ustyugov.

“Ask Sergey and his personal trainer. What do I have to do with it? You saw that the competition was excellent. The young people added. The race was good. The only problem was that the situation was bad before the start, but it gets better every race,” added Bolshunov.

Source: Ria

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