Post: Carrascal broke his tooth in a friendly match and his nasal septum became bruised.

CSKA football player Carrascal broke his tooth in a friendly match and bruised his nasal septum.

MOSCOW, January 15 – RIA Novosti. Eduard Bezuglov, head of the Moscow Club’s medical team, said that Colombian CSKA football player Jorge Carrascal had a bruise on his nasal septum and broke his tooth during the friendly match played at the team’s training camp in the United Arab Emirates.

On Sunday, CSKA drew 2:2 against Simba, the 22-time champion of Tanzania. Carrascal was injured in a collision with his opponent.

“In one of the martial arts, Jorge hit his head on the opponent’s shoulder. As a result, our midfielder’s nasal septum was injured and there was heavy bleeding. Not the worst, but certainly an unpleasant loss for him, the loss of part of an arm. The operational search activities organized by the managers meanwhile “As a result, he was found missing and returned to his owner. At the moment, Jorge’s condition is stable, he is under the supervision of the medical center.” Published on CSKA Telegram channel.

CSKA also released a photo showing that Carrascal’s upper central incisor is partially missing.

Carrascal has made 18 appearances for CSKA this season, scoring 5 goals and providing 6 assists. In May, the army team bought the Colombian from the Argentine “River Plate”.

Source: Ria

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