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Post: Rotenberg spoke about the defeat in CSKA


SKA coach Rotenberg spoke about CSKA’s defeat

MOSCOW, January 18 – RIA Novosti, Irina Motova. St. Petersburg SKA’s head coach Roman Rotenberg said that the Continental Hockey League’s (KHL) regular season game against CSKA was summed up by his team’s practice of low scoring chances.

On Tuesday, SKA lost 2:4 to CSKA.

Continental Hockey League (KHL)
17 January 2023 • Start at 19:30

four : 2


“We checked the players today. After injuries, many of us decided to take risks and give opportunities to guys who play in VHL and those who don’t because they’re injured. We checked, we looked, we drew conclusions. We played two periods, although we played systematically in the first period, we decided to score a goal due to a mistake. We ate. Psychology also had an impact. We showed our system in the third period, we conceded good goals. Rotenberg told reporters, “We did more, but the opponent’s goalkeeper played great. Good lesson for us. We understand what we need to beat systemic teams like CSKA. First of all, we’re going to fix our own mistakes and that’s what we’re going to do.”

“On the plus side, it’s worth noting that we played great in the 6v4 format. It’s still psychologically difficult to play without a goalkeeper. The opponent could have scored two more goals. So we have positive moments that we hold on to.” and go ahead” – said the coach.

SKA went on the ice at the match in retro uniform of Leningrad with a patch dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad.

“They burned as friends said. This is news to me. We’ve built a team all season, we haven’t run out once this season. It’s clear that playing with the Leningrad jersey is a serious responsibility. Breaking the blockade is 80 years old. Therefore, we must be able to show our best hockey in a stressful situation. This is a very serious test for everyone. There will be conclusions, including the players, because you always want more. Wait , you believe. In matches with the best teams in the KHL, hockey players are tested – CSKA, Dynamo “,” Lokomotiv “. Like I said, we took risks and put in guys who didn’t play with such systemic teams. And we saw what we saw. We will work on the app because we scored some goals today. Two – not enough, I had to score five goals in this game.”

Source: Ria

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