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Post: Insult at someone else’s vacation. Trusova challenged First Channel Cup


The First Channel Figure Skating Cup concluded in Moscow on Sunday. RIA Novosti Sport explains why Alexandra Trusova, silver medalist of the 2022 Olympics, became the main character without ever getting on the ice.

Interesting things happened at CSKA Arena this weekend. It seems that Dmitry Aliev from the Kamila Valieva team first flew into the abyss in the short program, and then rose to victory in the free program. He even promised to shave his head if he wins “something else that matters in his life.” But unfortunately not this time.

Like Alexandra Boikova/Dmitry Kozlovsky, Anastasia Mishina/Alexander Gallyamov confirmed the title of champion of Russia, achieved in a fierce fight with opponents in the training group. It would seem that Evgeny Plushenko’s student Sofia Muravyova somehow unnoticed went to the top of women and in the sum of the two programs she lost only to the multiquadist Sofia Akatieva, who, by the way, is the current champion of Russia, and, by the way, to a student of Eteri Tutberidze.

Coach Eteri Tutberidze at the Channel One Cup figure skating competition.  -RIA Novosti, 1920, 23.01.2023

Lastly, Alina Zagitova, the captain of the Red Machine team, who was undefeated in the Cup, took the first place again. And the captain of the “They will not catch us” team, Valieva, not only made a strong start in the tournament (the defeat is not so important – 2344.24 points against 2275.42), but also commented on the functioning of the Russians at the end. Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) on a doping case from the Olympics. Yes, very little said – “I’m glad, and the championships of Russia are held every year”, but this is already an event.

In general, this time there was something to see in the First Channel Cup. But somehow it turned out that one of his main events wasn’t what was going on on the ice. The fact is that at the moment when the fate of the tournament was decided, when Muravyeva had not yet risen to the top, and Akatieva had not yet reached the top, Alexander Trusov, who was even on the list, was holding. An autograph session between the walls of the CSKA Arena, there were no participants. Crowds of spectators rushed across the arena in search of him, forming a queue several sectors long.

And this, on the one hand, is a rather controversial act. Many fans thought that Sasha’s decision to hold a meeting with fans in the middle of the girls’ second warm-up was a kind of disrespect to her colleagues in the shop. Realizing the scale of her own personality and the fact that so many fans might really choose to meet her during the rental and break up for it, Sasha could have chosen a better time for her event. For example, after the rental or during one of the castings.

On the other hand, who else can do this? If we leave aside the idle talk about morality and morality, then there is a kind of frank arrogance in this act that is absolutely not characteristic of figure skating. In order not to appear at your vacation and draw all the attention to yourself – only real stars can do this. Yes, totally selfish, even thoughtless in a certain sense. But still stars.

If you look at figure skating, such personalities and such antics are not enough. Let’s be clear – this sugary, fake philanthropy is too much. Here in public they can kiss their gums and throw a brown substance behind them with a look as if on purpose. Figure skating, after all, is more about flexibility than reality.

And against the background of all this – a mop of provocative red hair. “If you don’t let me in, I’ll gather everyone here!” – Trusova told the arena officials, who for some reason began to convince her that the fan meeting was not agreed with the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR). Although Alexandra’s side fulfilled all the formalities, according to RIA Novosti.

As a result, Trusova recorded a video message in which she called her fans to the industry, where she was stopped, and after 5 minutes there was already a huge queue. Security and the guards quickly took their direction and parted the crowd to avoid the crowd and congestion in the arena corridor so that everything could run smoothly. However, later FFKKR representatives intervened, and then the meeting was still restricted.

We’re not going to invite everyone to act like Sasha. Yet such gestures are necessary. At the very least, there’s at least a bit of life to “work with a working result,” “fight with itself,” and periodically remember that the only right answers in the mixed-zone about all-too-bright media images are behind the wall. And it can be anything but not artificial. Just like Sasha herself.

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Source: Ria

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