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Post: Does Shesterkin want to teach Panarin a lesson? The Russian goalkeeper was on the verge of scoring!


Rangers goalie Shesterkin missed an empty net and nearly scored in an NHL game.

Igor Shesterkin came close to scoring his first career goal in the National Hockey League. Looks like the New York Rangers goalie took last year’s Artemy Panarin joke literally.

You hockey fans, if even playing at NHL level doesn’t bring enough pleasure in itself and you want more of a ride, then the match between the New York Rangers and the Florida Panthers is a win-win option. The face-to-face meetings of these teams always guarantee audience fire and fantasy. At least one goal. Opponents literally score at least three goals for two in every match. In the last 15 years, teams have failed to reach the regular bar only once, in March 2011 Rangers beat the Panthers by a minimum score of 1-0.

The Blueshirts’ battle with the Southerners today was no exception to the rule, and the spectators (and not only them) at Madison Square Garden enjoyed hockey and quenched their appetite for goals. And the targets were for all tastes. “The Rangers” won with a score of 6:2, and one of the main characters of the meeting was Artemiy Panarin. The Russian superstar of New York and the league in general is gearing up to go to his first NHL All-Star Game: he scored a hat-trick today. But not classic, assistant.

Already in the fourth minute of the match, Panarin lightly passed the defender, then the goalkeeper and Adam Fox, who was interested in the Russian at the end of the first period, and played mostly with a cold pass. , found Mika Zibanezhad in the left circle of the match, where the Swedish player scored a one-time goal. Still, Zibanejad scored the second goal of the match after Panarin’s spectacular pass in one of the counter-attacks in the third quarter.

For Artemy, this was his fourth game of the season with three or more assists per game. There is more than just native Nikita Kucherov from Tampa (5). In addition, the Russian broke 50 points in the championship for the eighth time in his career in the NHL. In all of Khlebushka’s years across the ocean, there hasn’t been a single season where she didn’t get a fifty kopek piece on duty. But with goals, things are going more modestly for him, and the Russian forward is postponing his 200th goal of his NHL career from match to match. It is noteworthy that today Igor Shesterkin almost mocks him about this.

The Rangers’ Russian goalkeeper, with a score of 5:2 in his team’s favour, decided that there was no need to worry about the outcome of the match and tried his luck when the Panthers removed the goalkeeper for the sake of the sixth field. actor. The Six took a great shot from their own frame to someone else’s frame and made a splash in the entire North American hockey community. The grandstands of Madison Square Garden all held their breath, and the social networks were torn from what they had seen for more than a minute. But it separated Igor by a few centimeters from the main event of the day – they also became an obstacle between the disk and the Florida castle.

For Shesterkin, this isn’t his first attempt to set his goal in the NHL. And it’s definitely not the last. What-what, but the Russian has experience of effective shooting at foreign properties from the time he played for the “youth team” of the Moscow “Spartak”, and Igor was probably provoked by the words of Panarin in the press last year. conference.

  • “I wish I could score more goals, I could ask for more money for it. And that’s why the price for him is $1.5 million so far,” Panarin joked.

  • “He promised to share his contract if I scored,” Shesterkin replied at the time.

Looks like Artemy should get nervous.

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