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Post: Among the challenges of the meetings in Al Marmoom, the “Camel Presidency” stands out


Dubai (Union)

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Camels from the Institutions of Their Highness the Sheikhs shined by competing in the Meeting Age Challenges at Al Marmoum Square as part of the 10th Preliminary Race under the supervision and organization of the Dubai Camel Racing Club. The competition was held in eighteen rounds over a distance of five kilometers.
The President’s Camel led by four key runs as the implied Hareb Mughair Al-Amimi, ‘Al-Shahinyyah’, was the main challenge for local Kayat Abkar, clocking 7:30:1 minutes.
“Shahin” Lahjan won the presidency under the leadership of Mohammed Zaitoun Al Muhairi at the Al-Lakaya Al-Jadaan Al-Mahaliyat summit in the second round, recording a time of 7:28:6 minutes, the best time of all challenges. .
Al-Shahiniya added a third point to the Presidential Camel by taking the lead over Al-Lakaya Al-Bakar Al-Mahgnat led by Mohammed Zaitoun Al-Muhair, setting a time of 7:35:1 at the end. minutes.
Shahin awarded the presidency of Hajn, the fourth law, under the same concept, by winning first place in the battle of al-Laqaya al-Jadan al-Mahgnat, with a time of 7:33:7 minutes.

Source: Al Ittihad

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