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Post: The “Devils” boy is not interested in leaving the house!


Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has been a fixture with the Red Devils for many weeks and continues to score decisive and influential goals, having scored 4 important goals in his last 6 Premier League games.
Rashford’s confidence in his abilities grew by the day and he contributed greatly to his side’s progress at Golden Square in the Champions League qualifiers.

Since the competition resumed after a long break due to the World Cup in Qatar, Rashford has performed at a level that has been praised and aroused the ambitions of many of the most important clubs in Europe, the most outstanding of the year is medium. Until his contract expires in 2024, but this will force United not to renew him in a hurry to renew his contract.
In recent statements to the Daily Mail website, Dutch coach Erik ten Haag, coach of United, spoke about the future of the “top scorer”, stating in a letter: “The son of the club is not at all interested in leaving home” .

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He added: Rashford knows very well that Manchester United is his club, that’s one thing and the most important thing is that he is in this environment and playing his “best ball” with this team.
And Radiomont Carlo Sport said that if United could do two things after the departure of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Ten Hague could restore the former club’s former glory and top flight status. He was easily abandoned years ago, and he also wants to enlist Rashford to help him accomplish the task.

According to him, United is the best place for Rashford because we want to build the best team at English level and then at European and world level.
And with United currently fourth in the Premier League, it’s quite possible the problem could force Rashford into one of two options: seek other professional experience outside England or stay on to help out at Ten Hague. Bring Manchester United back to the forefront of the English football scene.

It’s worth noting that English newspapers have recently talked about United being open to extending Rashford’s contract, but not so much as to offer him a “golden bridge” to stay.

Source: Al Ittihad

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