Post: United States did not pay annual contribution to WADA, Russia made full payment

The US has not yet paid its annual contribution to WADA, while Russia has made the full payment

MOSCOW, May 19 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Simonenko. According to a document submitted to the WADA Board of Founders in Cairo, the United States has not yet paid its annual contribution to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) budget, while Russia has already made the payment.

Currently, WADA has received about half of the contributions to the organization’s 2022 budget – $23 million 913 thousand of the planned $ 46 million 120 thousand. As stated in the document, the US should contribute 3 million 166 thousand, this amount has not yet been received by WADA. Russia’s contribution is 1 million 177 thousand 557 dollars, all of which were transferred.

The USA makes the biggest contribution to the WADA budget, Canada shares the second place (1 million 583 thousand), Japan the third (1 million 503 thousand), Russia shares the fourth place with England, Germany, Italy and France. indicator. Among these countries, Canada, Russia and the United Kingdom have contributed to 2022 so far.

Source: Ria

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