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Post: Mishin, St. He shared his feelings from the St. Petersburg championship


Coach Mishin, St. Petersburg figure skating championship has become more prestigious

st. PETERSBURG, 29 January – RIA Novosti, Andrey Simonenko. Honored Coach of Russia Alexei Mishin, St. Expressed his satisfaction that the St. Petersburg figure skating championship has become more prestigious.

On Sunday, Mishin’s student Gleb Lutfullin met in St. Petersburg championship.

“It is very difficult not to be satisfied with the tournament that your student won. In figure skating, everyone wants to become a champion. And in tennis, for example, to win the club championship or the state championship, which I know very well, is an honor. It was an honor for us to be the champion of the USSR and then the champion of the Russian Federation, and in Moscow or St. The .Petersburg championship was not that important, I want these tournaments to be honorable as well. I am glad that our city federation, which took a breath of fresh air with the arrival of (new president) Anton Sikharulidze, gives great weight and importance to the Petersburg championship,” Mishin told reporters.

Source: Ria

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