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Post: From nipples to women’s dresses. How did Plushenko try on the style?


Evgeni Plushenko is known primarily for his outstanding sports achievements. He won Olympic gold twice, standing a step away from the same number of victories. Three-time world champion. Seven-time European champion. Ten-time champion of Russia. He won because of his technical prowess – he jumped the quad while still rare. He also had charisma. Plushenko has proven to be a versatile artist. Every exit on the ice has become a benefit, in large part due to the external arrangement of the images.

Russian men’s single skating is experiencing a raging bloom and opens the door to new names for us. Let’s remember how it all started.

At the dawn of his career, the young Plushenko looked as the skaters of that time are now perceived by us. It’s kind of silly. Theatrical, lavishly decorated and outdated. However, that’s exactly what happened at the time. Therefore, Plushenko with pot sleeves and fish scale sequins embodied the latest fashion. Let’s call it a freak.

At the same time, their costumes were hardly remembered by the public. Nothing like Yagudin’s black and white “Winter” has happened to competitive programs. Plushenko presented the most recognizable costumes in show numbers, but we’ll talk more about that later.

The basis of Yevgeny’s style on ice at different times is classical. It was usually black with red or white. Not shapeless hoodies, but a built, body-hugging suit. If it is a shirt, then with a vest. If it’s a tight jumpsuit, with a wide belt that visually works in plus proportions. At under 180 cm tall Plushenko was quite tall for a single skater, so it was important for the costume designers to “divide and balance” him.

An important detail is the short boleros, which the theme justifies. This is either Michael Jackson’s stage jacket, or part of the Carmen bullfighter costume, or just a cropped red leather jacket with black epaulets. The latter is arguably one of Evgeny’s most stylish outfits, as the flashy jacket is offset by a white tee and black pants.

Another signature feature of Plushenko is the deep neckline on the shirts that have become figure fashion from ballroom dancing. The cutouts also work for the harmony of proportions as well as the attention-grabbing function.

And finally, asymmetry. If this is an imitation of a tie, it “cuts” one side. If the decoration is lace or embroidery, it is placed locally and asymmetrically.

Eugene sold himself to a see-through black shirt at the end of his career. There was only mesh on the back and a guipure rose pattern on the front. In this form, the 31-year-old athlete flaunted at the home Olympics in Sochi. However, his physical structure allowed it. Plushenko often looks frozen in terms of maintaining his working weight.

However, the most iconic costumes are not vest shirts, but a complete break and a flight of fantasy in show numbers. He was a tasseled cowboy, a vacationer in a Hawaiian shirt, a hockey player, and a man with lightning bolts in his chest, a sex bomb with gold underwear and muscles. Even a flamenco dancer in a dress.

A distinctive feature of Plushenko lay in the fact that confidence in genius combined with the absence of fear of looking ridiculous. The explosive mix spawned multiple bursts of laughter with an enthusiastic roar at the highest-grossing ice shows on the planet. The audience admired the foam athlete, the clown Asisyai and a parody of Spanish passions in a dress with a bodice and ruffles. Someone admired it, others considered it kringe (bad taste and stupidity in translation in literature). Plushenko was never interested in the opinions of people of the second category. He was an artist on stage and the crazy roles they had to play!

Evgeny has always positioned himself as a macho on ice and in life, but he had a wide range for various roles. Try to put on a female dress for an ossified lyrical hero. Or gather a silly kid’s costume and a ponytail on your head. Then offer him a pacifier and only then can you evaluate how far and for how long the ideas will be sent. Plushenko tried them all and presented them to his fans with apparent delight.

This artistic capital manifested itself from an early age. Although the coach Alexei Mishin often did not present Yevgeny with sharp character images. Perhaps because he understands – no matter who is allowed to play, the result will still be Plushenko.

This was also evident in the music selections last season. The only person in the world who dared to make a cut called “The Best of Pushenko”. A potpourri of his own iconic programs arranged by violinist Edwin Marton. Isn’t she ashamed? More than that. Right? He was loved for it.

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