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Post: Fedun’s wife talks about her husband’s refusal to “buy games and referees”


Salikhova said that the former owner of Spartak Fedun refused to buy games and referees.

MOSCOW, February 2 – RIA Novosti. The wife of the former owner of Spartak Leonid Fedun Zarema Salikhova judicial Former team coach Valery Karpin was ungrateful after his criticism of his wife.

Earlier, Karpin had said that Fedun’s words meant nothing to him, as he changed his mind so often.

“Karpin’s ingratitude is remarkable. He was hired with almost zero coaching experience, Spanish debts were paid off from a failed job, they were given the best team in the country, unlimited official rights: he is both general manager and coach, he makes up both the coaching staff and management staff. most importantly, they had unlimited transfers! Other coaches did not even have such influence and authority. But Fedun is still responsible for everything, “said Sport-Express, quoting Salikhova.

He also hinted that Karpin had “skeletons in the closet.”

“I have a question:” Valery Georgievich, why did you run to Fedun for every sneeze? Maybe you should have been more independent? After all, Fedun’s important and main field of activity is the oil industry, where it also makes money for your prosperous future. “The only thing Karpin can blame on Fedun is that he always refuses to buy games and judges. … In my opinion, Karpin was given too much back then. He still can’t digest it. It’s better not to talk about the other skeletons in the closet, after all he is the coach of the national team ‘ said Salikhova.

Source: Ria

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