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Post: Ovechkin’s son turns a conflict with his father and Crosby at the NHL All-Star Game


Ovechkin’s son turned a skirmish in the NHL All-Star Game in a joint competition with his father and Crosby.

MOSCOW, February 4 – RIA Novosti. Sergei, the eldest son of Russian captain and Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin, took a hit in the competition for the most spectacular penalty shootout in the National Hockey League (NHL) All-Star Game.

As part of the competition, Alexander Ovechkin had a joint number one with Canadian forward and Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. As part of the competition, Ovechkin’s son Sergei went on the ice, surpassing the famous goalkeeper Roberto Luongo, who was invited to participate in the event.

Each of the five judges gave Ovechkin a maximum of 10 points.

Sergei Ovechkin was born in August 2018. Alexander Ovechkin also has a younger son named Ilya, who was born in May 2020. He is married to hockey player Anastasia Shubskaya.

Source: Ria

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