Post: The source revealed a new partner figure skater Morozova

Left without a partner, figure skater Morozova tries to duet with Eremenko

st. PETERSBURG, February 4 – RIA Novosti, Boris Khodorovsky. A source told RIA Novosti that Russian figure skater Annabel Morozova, who was left without a partner after the formation of the dance duo Irina Khavronina / David Narizhny, is trying to match up with Igor Eremenko.

Together with Sofia Shevchenko, Eremenko became the winner of the Junior Grand Prix Final, the bronze medalist of the Junior World Championship – 2019. Russian Championship – In 2021, Irina Zhuk and the Shevchenko / Eremenko duo Alexander Svinin, who trained in her group, took fourth place. Due to health issues with a partner, the duo broke up last spring.

Now Eremenko and Morozova are studying in the USA with the partner’s father, Nikolai Morozov. The skater posted photos on social networks confirming her stay in Florida.

Morozova has been skating with Narizhny since the beginning of this season, before that her partner was Andrey Bagin, Narizhny was skating with Elizaveta Shanaeva. This season, Morozova and Narizhny have won both stages of their Russian Grand Prix series.

Source: Ria

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