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Post: Gadzhiev predicted Emelianenko’s chances of victory in the fight against Bader


Gadzhiev says Emelianenko will beat Bader with 30% probability

MOSCOW, February 4 – RIA Novosti, Svetlana Bonopartova. Kamil Gadzhiev, president of the AMC Fight Nights league, told RIA Novosti that mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Fedor Emelianenko can beat American Ryan Bader with a 30% probability, but with the right tactics, it will be enough.

As part of the Bellator 290 tournament in Los Angeles on February 4, Emelianenko will compete for the heavyweight championship held by Bader. Earlier, the 46-year-old Russian said that this fight would be his last fight in his professional career. Bookies consider Bader the favorite of the fight.

“Let’s be objective, the favorite is Bader. But Fedor falls into the category of athletes who always have a chance in any fight and with any opponent. Fedor’s winning percentage in this fight is 30%, but this is a Hajiyev, “With the fact that over the years he has not lost his striking power, the power in his hands. lets start. He can strike such a hit that he can end the war ahead of schedule,” he said.

“Fedor can either knock out the fight in the first round or lose by knockout. But I agree that the first round will be decisive. Fedor is a top-notch wrestler, but Bader is a wrestler, so Fedor has a painful grip “, as he often does on his Honor days, here it won’t work. It is also unlikely that he will oppose the work with his feet from afar. Therefore, I tend to believe that the real threat is within. Fedor’s hands,” added the interlocutor of the agency.

Gadzhiev told what Bader had to do to win the war.

“I wouldn’t say that Bader was overly motivated, because he once beat Fedor. He needs to calmly go into battle and purposefully outwit Fedor. Perhaps even because of his young age and functional readiness,” Gadzhiev said.

Source: Ria

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