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Post: Khryunov talked about the possibility of taking revenge on Makhachev and Volkanovsky


Organizer Khryunov said he would enjoy watching the rematch between Mahachev and Volkanovski.

MOSCOW, February 12 – RIA Novosti, Vasily Bogdanov. Organizer Vladimir Khryunov told RIA Novosti he would be interested in watching another fight between Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Islam Makhachev and Australian Alexander Volkanovski.

On Sunday, Makhachev defeated Volkanovski to defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title for the first time. The bout was run by UFC 284 in Perth, Australia, with all five rounds gone. Makhachev won by unanimous decision and became the best fighter in the league regardless of weight categories (P4P).

“Islam (Makhachev) deservedly won. Convincing and clear victory, good work of fighter and technical team. I heard that Volkanovski disagreed with the judges’ decision, but personally I have no doubts about the outcome of the fight. … possible revenge demanded by the Australian “As for the subject matter, then it’s a matter of the UFC management. But I would love to see another fight of them because this was at the highest level,” he said.

Makhachev is 31 years old, he has 24 wins and one loss. The Russian won 12 fights in a row. Volkanovski, 34, who continues to hold the UFC featherweight belt, has 25 wins and two losses.

Source: Ria

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