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Post: Minakov spoke about Volkanovski’s accusations against Makhachev after the UFC fight


Minakov believes Volkanovski shouldn’t blame Makhachev without proof after UFC fight

MOSCOW, February 14 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. Former Bellator heavyweight champion Vitaly Minakov told RIA Novosti that Australian MMA fighter Alexander Volkanovski looks good in the fight against Islam Makhachev, but that he will not change that impression if he makes irresponsible statements about the Russian athlete.

On Sunday, Mahachev defeated Volkanovski and defended the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight belt for the first time. After the fight, Volkanovski speculated that Makhachev may have used rehydration drops. UFC fighters are prohibited from using intravenous therapy as it may help to cover up the use of doping.

“Volkanovski should be happy with the fight and everything that is going on around. Alex put up a good competitive fight, he looked really profitable in the octagon. To get out of this war, to argue more about it? If there was any evidence. Islam’s fault, then Obviously Volkanovski shouldn’t do that. How did he determine whether Makhachev was using drops? Did he do any tests?” said Minakov.

Makhachev is 31 years old, he has 24 wins and one loss in MMA. The Russian won 12 victories in a row. Volkanovski, 34, has 25 wins and two losses.

Source: Ria

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