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Post: The reason why the son of the Tula press attache was beaten in “Basel” was called “Arsenal”.


Fans’ attack on Arsenal press chief’s son in Basel explained as ‘ultrapolitics’

MOSCOW, February 20 – RIA Novosti. Basel spokesman Simon Walter said the attack on the son of Arsenal Tula press attaché Artem Ovsyannikov was not related to speaking Russian.

Ovsyannikov previously said on his social networks that while filming the atmosphere in the stadium, a man approached him from behind and smashed his leg. Later, another man approached him and tried to beat him too. The victim claimed that the attacks against him were related to speaking Russian. He also noted that he is in the fan industry.

“In this video the guy says ‘Delete it!’ The problem is that our ultras have such a shooting policy in their industry, wherever they are, whatever language they speak. It has nothing to do with the Russian language,” Sport-Express quotes Walter.

The incident occurred during the Swiss “Basel” – ” championship match.fortune(2:2) Sunday.

Source: Ria

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