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Post: Breakdowns, scandals, love. Will we see the old Trusova again?


The silver medalist of the 2022 Olympics in St. Petersburg, where he was selected according to the results of the stages in Sochi and Samara. He will not play in the final of the Russian Grand Prix in St. Petersburg. Earlier, Alexandra Trusova missed the Russian Jumping Championship and only the Russian Championship, and was noted for her attempt to hold an autograph session at the First Channel Cup, which was not agreed only with the organizers.

In Beijing, Alexandra sincerely wondered how it was possible not to win the Olympics with a five-place quadruple jump in a free program. Although she lost the Olympic gold dispute to Anna Shcherbakova in a short time, she risked going for the triple ax here. In the second Olympics in a row, we observed that a silver medalist in the same group had a nervous breakdown after losing to an opponent’s training. Yevgenia Medvedeva, who is successful in many fields today, probably perceives Eteri Tutberidze’s harsh words in the field of tears and kisses differently. Trusova’s Olympic wound is still bleeding.

In the summer, he changed his coach, shared the details of the novel with Mark Kondratyuk and rushed to the most unexpected projects. The President of the FFKKR Alexander Gorshkov sincerely could not understand why the Honored Master of Sports in figure skating had to meet the standard of the second youth category in the long jump. Alexandra did not reach the 11 cm first place at the athletics festival in Luzhniki, but it attracted so much attention that Daria Klishina, the best jumper of recent years, was absent.

Trusova continued experiments in other types of athletics at the training camp in Novogorsk. She led the Crystal Skaters team, challenging CSKA players at the same location. They had to put in a lot of effort so that the match ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor of the opponents. Trusova scored both goals.

Alexandra Trusova - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.02.2023
Alexandra Trusova

Alexander’s strip-plastic works were widely covered. The peculiarity of this type of dance is that it is performed in high-heeled shoes, emphasizing the musicality of movements. At least to some extent, this may contribute to increased points for components of the Olympic silver medalists’ competitive programs.

The departure of Svetlana Sokolovskaya from the group cannot be compared with the flight of Medvedeva to Brian Orser in Canada. Also, this isn’t the first time Trusova has left Tutberidze. Knowing Alexandra’s fighting character, many expected Shcherbakova to air again in the post-Olympic season she probably missed.

There was no take off. Let’s be honest: none of our miracle girls who mastered the quad jump at the age of 13-14 managed to maintain, let alone increase, their content at 17. And Trusova has already celebrated her 18th birthday.

At the first stage of the Grand Prix in Sochi, when Alexandra was asked six possible four-way questions in the free program, she answered without a shadow of a smile: “Wait! They will do it.” Only in “Iceberg” he fell out of only the quadruple lutz and could not cope with the combination of “triple lutz – double sheepskin” in the short program. As a result, she is only in third place after Adelia Petrosyan and Sofia Samodelkina. And what is particularly offensive for such an ambitious figure skater is the speech of Veronika Yametova, who glided cleanly in both programs, but did not master the ultra-si elements, went beyond the line of winners.

In Samara, everything was repeated: a “butterfly” instead of a double or even a triple in the short program, a fall from the lutz quadruple in the free program. The last second place after Samodelkina – and the most memorable moment, the breakthrough made by a fan who decided to personally present the bouquet. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Alexandra’s reaction to her frankly unsuccessful performances. During the Olympic season, she most likely refused to comment on anything or else she would have attacked others. After completing the Volga pirouettes, Trusova smiled and when asked what changed her worldview, she answered with one word: “Olympics”.

True, in Samara, Trusova nevertheless revealed her feelings and tore from her jacket the emblem of Channel One, which is mandatory for the participants of the national team. The conflict continued, and completely unacceptable demands were placed on the public sphere to remove Alexei Yagudin and Tatyana Tarasova from the commentary booth.

Will Trusova remain at the top of domestic figure skating? On the one hand, the margin of safety shown during the Olympic season suggests that unique content can be restored. Unfortunately, nature alone cannot be deceived. Puberty passed, the girl grew up and became a girl. Even putting aside the problems of being overweight, it is not necessary to count on the fact that Trusova, 19, can beat the 15-year-old.

Mark Kondratyuk and Alexandra Trusova - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.02.2023
Mark Kondratyuk and Alexandra Trusova

It makes sense that this season’s free program was staged for a song by Nikita Mikhailov with the lyrics “I believe I can fly”. Unfortunately, Alexander was not able to bring them to life in any of the competitions. He added to the components, but always beat Trusov because of the quadruple jump.

Of course, a figure skater with great willpower can restore her optimal shape, but Trusova experienced a lot of psychological pressure during the Olympic season. Getting out of this riveting is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Hence malfunctions, scandals and even a misunderstanding of what is going on somewhere.

Ready to put everything and even more at the altar of Olympic glory, the figure skater found herself in a new situation. He’s not the first and won’t be the last. But this cannot be explained by Trusova, who was confident that she could “fly”. Maybe in a few years it will become clear that the Olympic gold medal is not everything in this life. Meanwhile, we see another Trusova rushing in search of a new self.

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