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Post: Disgusting six. EU countries try to keep Russia out of the Olympics


A coalition of six European countries issued a joint statement requesting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to uphold sanctions against Russia.

what is the purpose of the claims

The ministers of sports of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, together with the Minister of Sports of Ukraine Vadym Gutzeit, met in Warsaw to discuss the IOC’s attempts to bring Russia and Belarus back into world sport. It is funny that in the beginning Poland will form a coalition with the United Kingdom of 40 countries. It was presented as something large-scale and unique.

But soon the number of states began to decline sharply. First, there were statements about a meeting attended by 35, then 30 countries. Now there are 6 of them. Moreover, these countries, to put it mildly, are not leaders in world sports. Not to mention the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, not many can boast of top athletes. In their statement, the countries mentioned spoke bitterly about the IOC’s plans.

“As representatives of neighboring countries, we believe that Russia and Belarus should in no way be allowed to participate in international competitions. We were surprised and outraged when we received a statement from the IOC with provisions that opened the doors on January 25 this year.” For athletes from Russia and Belarus to return to the international sports arenas, including to participate in the next Olympic Games. We find the IOC’s proposal outrageous” – quotes the text of the Declaration Within the Games.

Lukashenka’s speech and the position of the IOC

In the IOC, by contrast, they react harshly to anyone who tries to attack them. If Thomas Bach managed to respond to the attacks of MEPs, then he will certainly be interested in the six small EU countries. Or he does not see it necessary to react to it in any way.

At the same time, the IOC has not even made a final decision on the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic Games and other international competitions. However, some EU countries have decided that it is necessary to state their claims in advance for some reason. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko could not pass the hot topic.

“Watch closely, the masks have fallen. IOC, Bach talked about what we can do. No symbols, no flags, no chants today. It’s about men who have dedicated their lives to the sport. “And Bach, he’s a great athlete. Does he not understand what it means to deprive an athlete of participation? And for no reason. Suddenly. Bandits, did they fight somewhere? They didn’t. What does that have to do with them?” (athletes – ed.)?” – Belta news agency quotes the president of Belarus.

It is difficult to disagree with the President of Belarus, especially on the part about the participation of athletes in politics. Lukashenka has also implied that his athletes are not against their performance under a neutral flag, and this is an important sign to come back and follow the IOC’s recommendations.

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Source: Ria

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