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Post: UFC president stipulated revenge of Makhachev and Volkanovski


The UFC White president said Mahachev and Volkanovski should fight before the rematch.

MOSCOW, February 26 – RIA Novosti. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White declarationA rematch could be held between UFC lightweight champion Russian Islam Makhachev and Australian featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski after each fight in their respective weight divisions.

Makhachev defeated Volkanovski on February 12. The bout was run by UFC 284 in Perth, Australia, with all five rounds gone. Makhachev, 31, won by unanimous decision.

“You know what I think about this fight. When you do a super fight, can you imagine a better result than we got that night? The whole world was arguing who would win. It’s a super fight, it lived up to expectations. And even better, the fighter who took the interim title also had an incredible “Then you can schedule a rematch when they both fight,” White said at a press conference, the video of which was available on the UFC YouTube channel.

Makhachev has 24 wins and one loss. The Russian won 12 fights in a row. Volkanovski, 34, has 25 wins and two losses.

Source: Ria

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