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Post: UAE team jump qualifies for Paris Olympics


Reda Salim (Dubai)
Our national team at the “Paris 2024” Olympic Games won second place in the Doha International Equestrian Championship, which is the qualifying phase of the Olympic Games played at a height of 160 cm with economic prizes of 73 thousand euros. which was played in Al Shaqab and the Saudi Arabia team also qualified after winning first place and the Egyptian team was third and our team was represented by Al-Fusan Mohammed Ghanem Al-Hajri, Abdullah Mohammed Al- Marri, Abdullah Hamid. Al-Muhairi and Omar Abdulaziz Al-Muhairi.
Sultan Al Yahyay, Member of the Equestrian and Racing Federation and Director of the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement, saying: “Qualifying for the Olympic Games is a big responsibility and we have to do everything we can to achieve this. he. An honorable performance in Paris and we dedicate this achievement to wise leadership.”
Riders from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who won Olympic qualifying tickets, praised Al Shaqab’s good hospitality and organization at a post-coronation press conference.
The Emirates riders expressed their joy and pride for the performance and highlighted that the competition with their brothers from Saudi Arabia was excellent, they also confirmed their satisfaction with the level of the horses and their objective is to go to the Olympic Games for a long time. And they also have enough time to prepare for the Olympics through many competitions in UAE. What are the outstanding skills that build their performance, and the Emirates Knights pointed out the difficulty and challenge of the competition they faced with the best knights they have. The best horse levels and great experience.
The Saudi Sami Al-Daham, head of the seventh region of the International Equestrian Federation, which includes the Arab countries of the Asian and African continents, congratulated the classified teams and wished the other teams success in the next competitions, mainly. Because one of the region’s teams has the opportunity to fight for one of the qualification cards for 2024 in Paris through the tournament. It will be held in Barcelona at the end of next September and will last until next October.
He explained that the region’s ranking system is for the teams that placed first and second in this tournament, and there is another opportunity for the units, which will be to accumulate points by participating in a series of qualifiers for the next Olympic Games.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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