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Post: Will Panarin win the Stanley Cup? Artemy was bought by his best friends-champions


New York Rangers announce Patrick Kane has moved to their team

The bosses of the New York Rangers made the main deal of the season. Patrick Kane went to conquer Broadway, where his close friend Artemy Panarin was waiting for the legendary American. The Blueshirts have done everything with the intent to win the Stanley Cup this season.

“Who would I like to play with? Artemy Panarin. Yes, we only had two seasons together, but his sense of play was very similar to mine. It’s funny. We played together and we were almost a reflection of each other.” I played with him in probably the funniest hockey I’ve ever had,” Patrick Kane once said.

That interview was given while the American star was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks, and panarin already drove the expanse of other parts of the United States. But now Kane’s wish has been fulfilled – he again became a teammate of the Russians. The New York Rangers made a big deal and took Kane, who was fed up with Chicago’s collapse. For Black Hawks patrick He won three Stanley Cups, became the third current top scorer in league history, but today the Black Hawks are content with junk food and not planning to bottom out.

It is symbolic that the “blue shirts” in this deal literally robbed “Chicago” and gave only defender Andy Velinsky and two draft picks in exchange for the outstanding American: one pick in the second and fourth rounds of the upcoming NHL draft. But a word of warning: if Rangers make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, the 2023 runoff will become a first-round pick in either 2024 or 2025. But for a team from New York, this is not a tangible blow – the final selection of the “cops” in the first rounds, as one might expect, does not quite justify itself.

The main challenge for the Rangers was getting Kane into the payroll for the remainder of the regular season. And the club’s general manager, Chris Drury, has been successful in solving this problem. To begin with, the Blueshirts did some rotation in the composition: they replaced Vitaly Kravtsov, put Jake Lesishin in the draft and sent Braden Schneider to the farm club in the AHL. In the deal, the Rangers agreed with Chicago that Kane would retain 50 percent of his salary, with 25 percent going to New York and the rest to a third club, the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes will receive a third-round selection from the Rangers in the 2025 NHL Entry Draft to act as their middleman. They gave “Chicago” defender Vili Saariyarvi.

And that’s not all the wisdom of the idea. Kane’s move to New York was a settled matter a few days ago, but the deal could be announced at a specific time – after 17:00 on March 1 (or after 1:00 a.m. Moscow time on March 2.). At this point the salary cap calculation will take the form required for Rangers and then forward Ryan Carpenter will be sent to the AHL while the Blueshirts will be able to get Schneider back to the starting lineup without breaking the rules. Kane’s debut for his new club will take place very soon – on the night of March 2, Moscow time, the Rangers will play away with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Panarin surrounded by champion friends

The Rangers’ interest in Kane has been talked about for a long time, but the club has moved Vladimir Tarasenko to St. Louis seemed to have given up on the idea after buying it from the Blues. It was a nice trade-off in terms of bringing one of his best friends to Panarin’s team – Artemy and Vlady made history at the junior world championship in 2011 and are now teammates. And even in the first game for Rangers, Tarasenko scored his first goal with a pass from Panarin.

New York Rangers hockey player Vladimir Tarasenko - RIA Novosti, 1920, 11.02.2023

Tarasenko’s crazy debut! Scored on the first shot after Panarin’s pass

Now the Rangers have surrounded Artemy with another close friend. Khlebusek started his NHL career in Chicago, and his connection to Kane was one of the coolest in the NHL. Not only in terms of statistics: they played 162 matches together, where Panarin scored 151 points, and Kane – 194 points, in addition, the Russian striker scored 46 goals from the American’s assist and Artemy’s – 35 goals. relationship. There was a real chemistry between them, their duet was liked not only by all Chicago fans. What can we say if Panarin scored his first goal in the NHL with a pass from Kane – the symbolic Rangers door?

Artemy and Patrick were (and still are) true friends. Not just in words, but in action. A well-known story about how an American helped a Russian get solid bonuses for high performance in “Chicago”. And then Panarin said to Kane: “I owe you”. Patrick considered the statement a joke, but Panarin, who became a true NHL superstar during his career with the Columbus Blue Jackets, gifted his former teammate an expensive watch worth more than $10,000. Later, Artemy stated that this issue was very important to him because it was Kane who helped him both career-wise and financially.

“We arrived at the game in Columbus and met with Artemy the night before the game. We chatted with him for over half an hour, and at the end of the conversation Panarin handed me a box. I didn’t even know what it was inside – I didn’t open it right away. “I did it, then I found a great watch there. For me, of course, this is a special moment. It characterizes Panarin very well as a person. It’s not very common. – a year and a half after being traded to another team, a guy thought of me!” – quoting Kane’s “SE”.

What about the Rangers? With their recent change, the “Blue Shirts” have greatly fueled the already great flame in the East. The playoffs will be really hot: the mighty “Boston”, the system “Carolina”, the seasoned “Tampa” and now the gunmen from Broadway to the teeth … How will the situation develop in the struggle to reach the goal? Stanley Cup final, nobody knows. But one thing is clear, Rangers have done everything this season with the intent to become champions. Despite reservations: New York took Panarin’s two victorious companions, but in an effort to saturate the offensive, the “cops” refused to strengthen the defense. Igor Shesterkin will have to open the regime of Andrei Vasilevsky and win the series with his own hands.

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