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Post: Althaus wins bronze in big hill


Not a World Championship record, but the fourth medal at the World Championships: Katharina Althaus won a bronze in the big top after three gold medals. The finale is amazing.

Ski jumper Katharina Althaus won an individual bronze medal in the wide hill at the Scandinavian World Ski Championships in Planica. The player from Oberstdorf was defeated only by new world champion Alexandria Loutitt from Canada and equally outstanding defensive champion Maren Lundby (Norway).

I’m just happy.

Catherine Althaus

Althaus could make history

For Althaus, this was his fourth medal in the fourth title fight in Slovenia. Althaus had won gold medals in the individual, mixed and team competitions at the regular hill. The German, who holds another title, would become the first ski jumper to win four gold medals at a World Championships.

Team World Champion Selina Freitag, who finished fourth from Little Bakken, had to settle for 19th place. Pauline Hessler had a good World Championship start and finished 26th.

Difficult conditions in Planica

“Congratulations to Katha, it’s incredible. Showing such jumps in these conditions today and finishing third – great respect,” said Maximilian Mechler, national coach at ARD. The competition was characterized by constant changes in entry length on the first run.

Applauded by the fan club who had come all the way from the Allgäu, Althaus showed his class again and placed third (120.5m) in the race with good prospects after the first lap. In the second lap, the 26-year-old secured the lead with 128m ahead of Lundby (133m), who set a new hill record of 139m on the first jump, followed by Loutitt (136.5) who countered with two spectacular jumps. horses

Althaus stands out at World Cup

After six World Cup victories this season, Althaus traveled to Slovenia as a promising medalist and raved there. Even if in the end the huge coronation was rejected.

Individual success in the normal hill was followed by the championships celebrated with enthusiasm in the team consisting of Selina Freitag, Anna Rupprecht and Luisa Görlich and in the mixed team consisting of Andreas Wellinger, Karl Geiger and Freitag.

Successful World Cup balance for DSV

The German Ski Association has now collected the tenth precious metal in the championship fights. The host World Cup in Oberstdorf 2021 has long been at its peak. The world championship record with eleven medals from 2017 is just one podium short, with Germany in second place in the medal table after Norway.

Source: ZDF

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