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Post: Will the Russian skiers return next season? Sensational insider from Sweden


The International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) may allow Russia to compete next season. This information appeared in the Swedish media. It would seem that the world could not ski without Bolshunov and Nepryaeva. RIA Novosti Sport understands the situation.

World Cup Failure

Sensational news came from Sweden. Thomas Pettersson, a leading journalist for the largest sports publication Expressen, shared this information. FIS calculates major losses for the World Championship and the entire season. The reason, of course, is the lack of competition due to sanctions against Russian skiers. Alexander Bolshunov, Natalya Nepryaeva, Sergey Ustyugov, Yulia Stupak and many other athletes fought with the Norwegians and Swedes, at least on equal terms, and often surpassed them.

The World Cup held in Planica was a disaster for the audience. Organizers have acknowledged that only 27,000 spectators have arrived at the stadium so far, instead of the planned 150,000. Empty stands, lack of atmosphere and not the most fun races. At the same time, Organizing Committee Secretary General Tomas Shustersic blamed the coronavirus, which allegedly prevented fans from flying to Slovenia, rising energy prices due to the conflict in Ukraine, and the World Cup in Qatar. He never explained how everything was connected.

“You can talk about a combination of different circumstances. It all started with a covid epidemic that lasted for several years. The Ukrainian crisis has skyrocketed the prices of energy and related services. This caused the audience to lose interest. The cup in World Qatar also “contributed” to the winter season ” , – quotes Shustershich edition Zurnal24.

Johannes Klebo / Alexander Bolshunov - RIA Novosti, 1920, 28.02.2023

Klebo challenges Bolshunova. Is it weak to prove strength on the track?

Wise words from a Swede

It’s funny that the chairman of the organizing committee did not see the main thing. Or I didn’t want to. Without Russia, cross-country skiing is in a pit. It’s good that the FIS isn’t that naive and understands where everything is going. The extinction process of sports started long before the sanctions against our country. Now it has real features. As the Swedish journalist said, it is possible to save the situation.

“I think we all agree that men’s cross-country skiing is boring right now. Our only question is whether the Norwegian Johannes Klebo will lose. Of course it would be much more fun to watch races with Russian skiers. I would like to see them here, but if you look at it from that perspective, of course racing with them is much more exciting. the FIS will bring them back The organization is very financially exhausted because there is no Russian television There are discussions in Planica about the broadcasts in Russia, there is talk that we should return them. The FIS is headed by Swede Johan Eliash, who is always friendly to Russia, trying to put his house on the stake. “It’s ready. Absolutely everything points to that. And it doesn’t even matter if the conflict in Ukraine has stopped. Money decides everything,” he said. Pettersson on the Faster Skier podcast.

This is not the first time such signals have been given. Get at least one promotion for the World Cup. The FIS press service included footage with Bolshunov and Nepryaeva. And now, when the International Olympic Committee takes the initiative to extradite Russian athletes, the federation will have no choice.

The FIS will of course say a few politically correct words about the current situation in the world, but it will give the green light. Pettersson is 100% right that it’s mostly about money. And when it comes to finances, the rest is pushed into the background.

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Alexander Bolshunov - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.02.2023

Bolshunov seriously attacked the “dirty” world skis. How will the FIS respond?

Source: Ria

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