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Post: Bakhmut’s siege continues. Zelinsky calls for more sanctions on Russia


Russia continues to besiege the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut and tries to advance into the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Moscow launched a devastating bombing raid on several Ukrainian cities on Thursday, killing at least five people and leaving thousands without power.

The attack was heavy in terms of the number and types of missiles used, raising many questions about its timing.


Vatican Pope: The war in Ukraine did not start just because of the “Russian Empire”.

Pope Francis said in an interview published on Friday that the interests of many “empires” are driving the war in Ukraine, not just Russia..

Pope Francis said the conflict was “fueled by colonial interests, not just from the Russian Empire, but from other empires”.“.

The Pope expressed his willingness to dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask for peace.

The Pope gave an interview to Swiss Radio Television Italiano (RSI), which is scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday. Today, Friday, the Italian newspapers La Repubblica, La Stampa and Corriere della Sera published excerpts from it..


Ukraine received the first battery of Patriot missiles

Ukraine received its first US-made Patriot air defense battery.

The Financial Times reported that one of the two batteries promised by the United States has arrived in the country, but is believed not to be operational yet..

It is unclear whether the Patriot system will be able to intercept Kinzhal missiles, which Russian sources say are super-fast and more maneuverable than conventional ballistic missiles.


Biden renews his support for Finland’s NATO membership after meeting with President Niinisto

The White House announced that President Joe Biden met with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto in Washington on Thursday to renew US support for Finland’s early accession to NATO..

Biden briefly met with the Finnish president during a visit to Washington during meetings with senators and White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan..

White House Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton told reporters that Biden attended Sullivan’s meeting with Niinisto and “reiterated his strong support for Finland’s early accession to NATO”.“.

He added that Biden and Niinisto “discussed their continued commitment to stand by Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.”“.


Lithuania: Russia can continue to fight in Ukraine with the same strength for two years

Lithuanian military intelligence chief Eligos Polavicius said Russia had enough resources to invade Ukraine within two years with the same force..

“The resources that Russia has at the moment will be enough to continue the war with the same force for two years,” Polavitsius told reporters in Vilnius.“.

“How long Russia can continue the war also depends on support for the Russian military from countries like Iran and North Korea,” he added.“.


Zelensky: More sanctions must be imposed on Russia’s nuclear industry

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday called for more sanctions against Russia’s nuclear industry amid the latest wave of Russian missile strikes..

Zelensky said in a video clip that the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was again disconnected from the country’s power grid as a result of the attacks.

He added that “Russia deliberately creates such critical situations at our nuclear facilities“.

Zelensky also spoke of a telephone conversation with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, in which the parties discussed “the issue of putting pressure on Russia to stop its terrorism”.

President of Ukraine during the video

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