Post: NHL game frenzy: goalkeeper fights, Buchnevich scores hat-trick

Striker “St. Louis” Buchnevich scored a hat-trick and became the second star of the match with “Minnesota”.

Pavel Buchnevich scored his second hat-trick in his NHL career. But Russian superstar St. The Louis Blues aren’t too happy about it.

“St. Louis” and “Minnesota” in their head-to-head matches, accustomed the audience and fans to brilliant hockey in every sense. Even in the final draw of the NHL playoffs, the opponents showed some real carnage and continued to make things loud in the current championship as well. The temperature has reached its maximum today. So many incidents happened in a game where nothing was decided in principle that the impressions will continue for the rest of the regular season.

During the preparation of the announcement for the game, the Blues media service employees clearly suspected something, as they put a collage with Pavel Buchnevich and Ryan Hartman in the title photo of the corresponding article. If we talk only about hockey, then they were the two main stars of the meeting.

Hartman kicked off Minnesota’s score by assisting Joel Eriksson Ek and then throwing a brace. And although 3 points (2 + 1) against the backdrop of eight Wild goals did not look very colorful, Hartman himself did a lot of useful work.

Pavel Buchnevich also put on a magnificent show. Russian forward “Blues” scored his second hat-trick in his career in the NHL. The first took place on April 17, 2021, when Pavel celebrated his 26th birthday in a Rangers jersey. “This is the best birthday present for you. It’s a pity that this holiday only happens once a year”, Buchnevich said then. But he had to wait almost exactly two years for the next hat-trick.

The Russian recorded one disc in each of the periods. It was he who opened the score in the match, after which he had to restore the status quo, and at the end of the meeting the result was determined by a solid margin from Minnesota, since Buchnevich’s third goal (he is also the fifth for Louis) decided nothing.

This was understood by Pavel, who defiantly did not show joy and tried to do everything possible to return. Striker “Blues” is the seventh Russian player to score 3 or more goals in a game this season of the NHL:

  • Andrey Svechnikov (twice in matches against Edmonton);

  • Andrey Kuzmenko (in the match against Anaheim);

  • Alexander Ovechkin (twice, in matches against Chicago and Montreal);

  • Kirill Marchenko (in the match with “Carolina”);

  • Artemy Panarin (designed poker in the match against Carolina);

  • Kirill Kaprizov (in the match against Columbus);

  • Pavel Buchnevich (at Minnesota game).

But unfortunately or fortunately there was a non-hockey share in the last game. After Ryan Hartman’s goal determined Wild 5-4, St. Louis goalkeeper Jordan Binnington freaked out. The Canadian is known for his quick-tempered and difficult character, quite regularly allowing him to engage in conflicts and skirmishes with his opponents. But today he outdid himself and knocked Minnesota down with a single punch after accidentally hitting Jordan while celebrating a goal. Even Marc-Andre Fleury reacted to the situation, showing his fists and unmasking to fight an opponent. The referees were against it.

“Honestly, I respect Ryan. He plays hard and that’s okay with me. A possible fight with Fleury? It was totally our moment, but… as with Hartman, I have nothing but respect for him. Fleury – “Legendary goalkeeper,” said Binnington, after the match, which, of course, he studied in the locker room.

The big score of the match 8:5 is the icing on the cake. For Minnesota, this is St. It’s the seventh time a team from Paul has scored 8 goals. And only the outcome of the conflict did not affect anything: the “savages” feel comfortable in the top 4 of the Western Conference, and the “Blues” are unlikely to make it to the playoffs.

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