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Post: Coach, theft, contention with Karpin. How did Dzyuba become a master of scandals?


On May 22, Artem Dziuba announced his retirement from Zenit, where he spent seven years. It is quite possible that this will end the Russian segment of the career of the striker, since the 33-year-old striker regularly receives attention from foreign championships. At RPL, Dziuba has built a solid reputation as a frequenter of scandals. The loudest of them is in the selection of RIA Novosti Sport.

Bystrov and wallet

In 2009, Dzyuba from Spartak was loaned to Tom. This transition preceded the theft scandal. Dzyuba later teammate Vladimir Bystrov After training at the training camp, he missed about 20 thousand rubles and came to the conclusion that in the locker room someone had stolen his wallet. Dziuba was accused of this.

Artem believes he was trapped in this way to get kicked out of the club. It was this event that served Tom as one of the reasons for hiring a player, and Spartak fans severely criticized Dziuba.

“It was obvious that they knocked me out. Then people cleaned up like that. But I’m thankful for that. Otherwise I could still be sitting on the bench and be considered a ‘gold reserve’. “It’s a sad transfer about football,” the forward on his YouTube channel said.

“Let the Coach Speak”

In 2012, Dzyuba published one of the most legendary phrases in Russian football, openly disrespecting the then Spartak coach. Unai Sandpaper. Passing by the journalists after his heavy defeat from Dynamo, the striker refused to comment on the result of the match and said, “Let our coach talk.”

This did not cause a full-fledged conflict with the coach – Emery was fired on the same day. Dziuba did not receive regular playing practice with the Spaniard and, according to Artem, the specialist himself did not react to the embarrassing 1:5.

Dziuba and Emery later argued in absentia after the publication of Unai’s book in which he accused Dziuba of pitting players and journalists against the coach and trying to remove him from the team. In response, the striker called Emery a liar and hypocrite and said that the Spaniard unfairly attacked him with the entire team.

date in the car

In 2015, a scandal broke out in Dzyuba’s personal life. A video appeared on the web of a football player kissing TV presenter Maria Orzul in a car. The recording made a huge splash, but Dziuba ran away from him – his wife Kristina forgave her husband, and Artem later admitted that this incident made him reconsider his values.

Orzul had more difficult times – the fatal meeting with Dzyuba resulted in divorce and a nervous breakdown for him. The girl confessed that she felt the wave of hatred hitting her so close to her heart that she fell under the drops.

“They called me a mistress. I was not a mistress! This is just some kind of nonsense. But that’s not even the point. What happened, it happened. – the TV presenter complained on social networks.

Dziuba vs. carpine

Dzyuba’s conflict with the national team coach Valery Karpin It started in 2009 after the unfortunate story with Bystrov and hiring a striker in Tom. Then Karpin said that the reason Artem was sent on a business trip was a conflict with the team. After the story with the “Trainer”, Dzyuba was loaned again – this time to Rostov.

Dziuba said, “Many times I tried to reconcile with Karpin. When I returned from Tomsk, I said that I wanted to leave. Karpin promised that the ax of war would be buried. The worst thing was that a new one would come every time. Valery Georgievich. I heard many threats: “Renew the contract, or you i kill You’ll finish with football, I’ll bury you, you’ll never go anywhere. You finished your football. “I am grateful to him for that. Thanks to these words, I reconsidered my attitude towards football.”

A new outbreak occurred between Dzyuba and Karpin in 2017, when they allegedly almost quarreled and met by chance in a Moscow hotel. The striker continued to mock the coach, but Karpin stopped talking about Dziuba in public. After being appointed head coach of the Russian national team, Karpin invited the football player to the team, which could nullify the conflict, but Dzyuba refused the call and provoked further questions.

video scandal

In November 2020, an intimate video featuring Dziuba blew up the information space. The recording quickly spread to Telegram channels and instant messengers, and the national team coach fueled the fire Stanislav CherchesovThe one who did not invite the football player to the training camp in order not to experience ‘extreme negativity and tension’.

Within days, the story in the video went far beyond the football community. Show business stars and politicians talked about the situation, demonstrations were held in support of Dziuba, and at the end of the year Vladimir Putin was even asked a question about Artem at a press conference.

Dziuba closed her social networks accounts after the incident and later posted a video message stating that she made a mistake and was largely guilty like any other person, and also thanked people for their support.

Source: Ria

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