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Post: She accidentally gave birth in training. The unique story of a weightlifter from Chile


Chilean weightlifter Elisabeth Poblete went to training and was determined to work hard. She gained massive muscle mass to move into another weight category. But the athlete could not imagine how the lesson would end. As a result, Poblete became a mother. RIA Novosti Sport tells how the weightlifter unexpectedly gave birth to everyone during training.

He miraculously managed to make it to the Olympics.

Poblete was born in Santiago and since childhood she communicated more with men. As he got older, friends began to play sports. Elizabeth decided not to step aside. She went to the weightlifting section for the company that determined the fate of the girl.

The main goal was the Olympic Games in Beijing. Elizabeth was at the gym for days to perform at the tournament. It was necessary to be selected for competitions through the Pan American Games. It took place a year before the Olympics.

However, Poblete failed to qualify and only finished in seventh place. The International Weightlifting Federation came to the rescue. It turned out that more licenses were made to Beijing than the athletes selected. Elizabeth was one of those who received additional quotas.

Elisabeth Poblete at the Olympic Games in Beijing - RIA Novosti, 1920, 14.03.2023

The Chilean athlete was also disappointed in the long-awaited tournament. He took the last place. At the same time, no one at home criticized him. Poblete became the only representative of the Chilean weightlifting team at the Games, which is already considered a real success.

After the tournament, the weightlifter decided to switch to another weight category. Elizabeth has performed up to 75 kilograms in the qualifying. She was hoping to improve results by getting heavier, she. Poblete moved to Sao Paulo, where he began intensive training.

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“I ate something wrong this morning”

In December 2009, Elizabeth came to the hall in the morning, as usual. The girl was very pleased with the progress. However, improving the results was extremely difficult. He hasn’t been feeling well for the past few weeks. My stomach and head ached, I felt sluggish. Poblete decided not to enlarge it.

Missing periods became another “bell”. Elizabeth didn’t care. Due to heavy loads, athletes can lose their cycles, so the girl did not pay attention and prepared for the competition.

As Elizabeth got close to the bullet and jolted once more, she knew right away that something wasn’t right. The girl immediately dropped the barbell and ran to the toilet. He did not say anything to the coach, who himself did not understand what was happening.

“I haven’t been feeling well in the last few weeks. But is there any athlete without pain? I’ve never been examined. I thought it was just weakness. It was impossible to miss the workout. In the morning he ate something wrong and ran to the bathroom,” she said.

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A few minutes later, screams and crying of children were heard. The trainers went to check on the weightlifter in the restroom and found Elizabeth with her newborn baby. They immediately called an ambulance.

After the examination, the girl was told that she was six months pregnant. She gave birth prematurely due to the burden during training. The boy weighed just over a kilogram and was 34 centimeters tall. The child was immediately taken to intensive care.

“A week before she was born, Elizabeth competed and won. Everything was fine with her. She always looked big and strong. We couldn’t have imagined that Poblete was pregnant,” said weightlifting coach Horatio Reyes.

The girl’s physique only contributed to the concealment of pregnancy. Elizabeth had broad hips and bulging abs, making her position almost invisible. Yes, and weight gain affected the ignorance of the athlete.

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The boy lived eight days

Elizabeth was discharged the very next day, but the boy remained in the hospital. True, the weightlifter did not leave the ward voluntarily. He had no money for the treatment on the knife. For example, it cost her son five thousand dollars to stay in intensive care for one day.

Poblete announced that he was fired for not being paid immediately and brought up a huge scandal. She wanted a child she managed to name-Eric Jose. The Chilean Ministry of Sports intervened. The organization promised to reimburse the costs. The mother returned to the child, but it was not possible for him to stay with her for long.

Chilean weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete - RIA Novosti, 1920, 14.03.2023

The child died on the eighth day. Due to premature birth, the airways did not have time to fully develop. From the very beginning, there was almost no chance of salvation. Elizabeth’s heart was broken. Despite the “surprise”, she was going to leave the child and raise him with his father.

After the death of her son, Elizabeth asked journalists to leave her behind. The girl never spoke to the press about the tragedy. She gave herself to the sport to deal with the loss of she. She poblete moved to a new weight category as she wished, but she did not succeed. The weightlifter did not qualify for the Games in London after which he decided to end his career.

Elizabeth rarely updates her social media. In all photos, the 35-year-old former athlete only poses alone.

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