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Post: Kucherov is the best Russian hockey player. He reached 100 for the first time in the NHL season!


Striker “Tampa” Kucherov became the first Russian to score 100 points in the NHL season.

Nikita Kucherov reached 100 points during the National Hockey League season. Currently, the Tampa Bay Lightning striker is the best among the Russians.

“Am I included in the top 100 hockey players in modern NHL history? Great, but I can’t be on this list. I don’t belong in that ranking. “The brilliant qualities people talk about. My hockey mind is “It’s unlikely that people care about it. They don’t play him in the important moments, they don’t talk about him. It’s not that interesting.” – Nikita Kucherov was modest in an interview with The Athletic in honor of one of the publication’s materials dedicated to the rating of the NHL99 portal.

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By then, the Tampa forward was leading the Russians in numbers in the current regular season and was arguing with McDavid for the top spot on the assistant roster. But the incredible Canadian, who has already gained a crazy move, noticeably recovered and in all respects rushed to the lead. But this did not fundamentally affect Kucherov. Nikita continued to score well in almost every game, setting a new all-time Lightning home win record with 24 games in a row. Kucherov’s high-profile anniversary was only a matter of time. And today that moment has come.

The game against the New Jersey Devils was the 71st game for the Russians of the season. During this time, Kucherov scored the hundredth point in the championship. Nikita ranks first among all Russian league players who managed to reach this peak. He is only the third of all hockey players with a hundred points in the current regular season. Before that, only Edmonton Oilers insatiable friends Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl celebrated such an anniversary.

For Kucherov, this was his third NHL career to score 100 or more points. Thus, the Rus improved the Lightning record, as Nikita remains the only player in the history of the club who managed to spend more than one season with the coveted face. In addition, Kucherov was among the top six active hockey players in the NHL in terms of the number of such prolific “goers”. The team is impressive: Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby (both with six seasons of 100+ points), Leon Draisaitl and Alexander Ovechkin (both with four seasons), Evgeni Malkin and Nikita Kucherov (both with three seasons).

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Kucherov is only 29 years old, his potential is constantly growing. Currently, Nikita is objectively the best Russian hockey player, if we take into account only outfielders. While Kooch himself disagrees, he has the requisite qualities: he has an excellent and well-placed shot (both wrist and vantimer) and excellent command of the art of passing. And speed … In this, Kucherov is not much inferior to the same McDavid, because the Russian has an incredibly high speed of thinking. Nikita is very smart. He not only sees the site perfectly, but also has several options in his head for solving a problem at once. Kucherov will always find an opportunity to pass, a target for the pass, and a moment for an accurate shot. He knows exactly where he wants to deliver each disc and how to send it to exactly the right place. And most importantly, as many hockey players and experts note, Kucherov did it himself, and this is expensive.

In confirmation of this result, it is Nikita’s goal itself that allowed him to reach 100 points. The Russian player was in an unusual position on the field, but after the transfer of Stephen Stamkos, he found the perfect moment to throw a ball to the New Jersey goalkeeper.

But this is just a championship. It’s scary to imagine how Kucherov and Tampa will come to the playoffs, where Lightning has become the scariest monster in recent years. And I’m not really playing at my full strength in the Lightning championship. In fact, everything has already been decided for John Cooper’s team, and the first-round opponent is almost certain. Most likely, they will be “Toronto” again. And if it’s unlikely to basically change something for “Tampa” then there’s no point in forcing it again.

Therefore, the loss of Jesper Bratt’s hat-trick (2:5) today against Devils should not be taken seriously.

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