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Post: Al-Sinan prepares to join the “International” club with “The Companions of Pride 2010”.


Murad Al Masri (Dubai)
Al-Wasli goalkeeper Khaled Al-Sanani is gearing up for his first cap if Argentine coach Rodolfo Arorabarina gives him the chance to play in Al-Abyad’s two friendlies against Tajikistan and Thailand on March 25. and 28 in Abu Dhabi.
Perhaps the most striking appearance is that it will be with the walkers who coincidentally coincided as goalkeepers for the Al Jazeera club in the 2010-2011 season, at the time with Ali Khasif and Khaled Issa as Al. -Sanan and Khaled Issa specifically started in the first team and they are the ones who are about 3 years apart, just a few weeks, both born in 1989 and who earned the trust of the coaching staff under the orders of coach Abel. At that time, Braga would be the other two goalkeepers along with Ali Khaseif who was two years older than them.
And the trio embarked on a journey where everyone stood out, between the continuation of Ali Khasif in Al Jazeera until then and many titles and the entry of Khaled Issa Al Ain where he became an influential name to reach. With “Lider” and Khaled Al-Sanan, who stayed with Al-Jazeera before moving to Al-Dafra and from there established himself on the football scene as a standout goalkeeper, which led Al Wasl to sign him this season. Provide a goalkeeper you can trust.
Despite being past the age of 33, the age at which a player cannot be called up to the national team, Al-Sanan continues to persevere and perform tirelessly at the highest level. The first minutes of the game against the ‘whites’.
The goalkeeper’s brilliance in blocking Ittihad Kalba’s Alexandre Sisaldo from the penalty spot to save Al Wasl from defeat was just one area of ​​the goalkeeper’s brilliance that was one of the reasons Al Dhafra reached the final. President’s Cup on two occasions, including his response in the decisive penalty shootout against Ajman in the 2019 Round of 16, as well as his excellent responses to Real Madrid’s stars at the 2017 Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi. , also among the “Dorina” goalkeepers, this season he scored the most with 57 calls and did not receive yellow cards in 19 games.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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