Krugovoi supported “Zenith”‘s decision to help earthquake victims

Krugovoi supports “Zenith”‘s decision to help earthquake victims in Turkey

MOSCOW, March 20 – RIA Novosti, Svetlana Bonopartova. Petersburg football club “Zenith”‘s defender, Danil Krugovoi, told RIA Novosti that he supports the idea of ​​transferring the funds from the friendly match played with the Turkish “Fenerbahce” to aid earthquake victims.

Earlier, Zenit CEO Alexander Medvedev told RIA Novosti that the club will play a friendly match against Fenerbahçe on March 23 in Istanbul. The meeting will be benevolent, and all funds collected will go to help earthquake victims.

“The CEO said that we have to go to show and win good, quality football. This will be very important to us, like all other matches. I support that all the funds raised will go to charity. It has been a terrible situation. It’s in Turkey and we need to help.” We will provide,” he said.

On February 6, earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6 occurred in Kahramanmaraş at intervals of 9 hours. The shaking was felt in 11 provinces of the country, including Syria, and neighboring countries. Turkish authorities called the earthquake “the disaster of the century”. About 50,000 people died as a result of the incident.

CSKA head coach Vladimir Fedoto - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.03.2023

Fedotov said that the defeat of “Spartacus” can relieve “Zenith”.

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