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Post: Stay away from Zagitova! While we were “experimenting”, he drove


On Sunday, a comment appeared on the website of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) by Olympic champion Alina Zagitova, in which she mentioned her number in the show programs tournament, and also gave needles to journalists who showed excessive interest in her. performances and personal life. The correspondent of RIA Novosti Sport tells why Zagitova in the image of Marilyn Monroe “did not enter” him, and also fully supports any experiment of the athlete.

I’ll start with a special trick, namely the last trick in the show show tournament that Zagitova had to perform according to the draw. And I will start from afar. As you know, Channel One started to “warm up” long before the tournament was held. And all last week, as the organizers call these competitions, the most outstanding participants of the “Russian Challenge” were invited to the morning show in the First. Kamila Valieva, Anna Shcherbakova, Evgenia Medvedeva – they all visited the hosts of Good Morning.

I visited the studio and Zagitova and just on the eve of the event. At that moment, it was already known that Olympic champion Pyeongchang would enter the ice under the final starting number. Naturally, he was asked questions about this subject (“are you experiencing any special excitement”) and he was asked to break the veil of secrecy about the program.

“It’s nervous to close contests and shows, so there will be some responsibility,” replied Zagitova.

Regarding the trick, she said, it will be a complex costume that the skater has long become accustomed to. “I opened the curtain for you”– athlete added jokingly or by booking.

Figure skating.  Tournament on show programs Russian challenge - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.03.2023

But the essence of this promotion is that the particular impatience with which they awaited Zagitova’s program is completely understandable. And it was clear that neither the audience nor the critics (yes, such a concept exists, and it’s not a damn word) would tolerate anything but the “wow effect”. And by the way, this is the result of nothing but the love they still feel for Alina, and also the feeling of regret that they managed to watch so few programs that this amazing skateboarder played while competing.

After all, Tatyana Tarasova added that she did not believe in her return, saying that a few years ago the “three programs” that the Olympic champion showed throughout her sports career were not enough for her. The team of Eteri Tutberidze then answered the honored coach of the USSR with a harsh rebuke, but Tatyana Anatolyevna was right. Firstly, Zagitova did not really return (and now, probably, not a single person in the world agrees that she will return, although the Olympic champion has not officially finished her career). Secondly, they really miss him and want to see him in new roles on the ice.

Alexei Yagudin performs at an open figure skating show tournament in Moscow.  -RIA Novosti, 1920, 19.03.2023

Sex is not for sale. The show program tournament was won by the person who received the soul.

Unfortunately, the role of Marilyn Monroe did not “wow” to the majority of those who watched this show, neither among the jury members, who are great people from the art world, nor I dare to guess. And the point here is not that Zagitova performed poorly. On the contrary, very well – the skater played all the antics known to the American actress, there are no complaints about the costume and makeup nuances that helped Alina turn into a frivolous blonde, and the embarrassment with the fan. Apparently, the ending of the trick, which she exaggerated and raised her dress higher than expected, turned out to be very cute.

But the truth is, in the more than fifty years since Marilyn Monroe’s name started ringing around the world, everything Zagitova showed has been shown in large numbers. Alina was not surprised by anything – and in this production, by definition, she could not. Perhaps Eteri Tutberidze and Daniil Gleikhengauz would have succeeded if they had remembered that Monroe did not just play the roles of narrow-minded blondes, and by the way repeatedly said that she did not like these images that brought her fame. In other words, Marilyn isn’t just “boop-boop-pee-dup” and a dress that takes off. But to find something unusual in his image, as they say, had to be confused.

Alina Zagitova performs at an open show tournament in figure skating in Moscow - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.03.2023

The managers of Zagitova’s number probably did not have time to do this – after all, several figure skaters and a couple more performed at the tournament, which they had to put on schedule in a short time. So they escaped with the stamps. Perhaps the calculation was that Alina would “subtract” the number with her personal charm. But this could only be possible if the main and only star of the night was Zagitova. This was not the case here: a large number of skaters who knew how to open the talisman performed at the tournament, and they prepared numbers that made me want to stand up and throw them on the ice with pleasure, as Tarasova joked. Instead of a plush toy By the way, among them is Kamila Valieva, for whom the headquarters of Eteri Georgievna prepared for her a program that turned out to be wonderful in every respect, both in concept and in execution.

Zagitova, in this case, is the final starting trick that could help her bring out the brightest spot of the night, but she got in the way. I think the grades would have been higher if he had performed somewhere at the beginning of the second episode. It’s far from certain that the Olympic champion will win the tournament, but he could have at least been closer to the top three, or even take part in the tournament.

Now about how the Olympic champion reacted to criticism of her trick. More precisely, he did not react, only offended – otherwise, it is difficult to interpret the tone of his comment in the video on the social network, which was later partially used in a lengthy statement on the FFKKR website. “About that the presented issue did not suit me … Well, hello to all the good wishes! Especially to the critics and some journalists that I did not leave jobless. They discuss my performances and my life in such detail. It is scary to think what these people will do without me,” said Zagitova.

Alina Zagitova - RIA Novosti, 1920, 18.03.2023

Yagudin’s victory over Zagitova, Valieva dancing with a tambourine. We want it again!

The figure skater also drew attention to the shortcomings of tournament arrangements and noted that it would be better to formulate more clearly what is more important when staging a number – “the plot of the program, the relevance or importance of the topic, the performance or exact match, the external resemblance to the chosen character.”

“After all, it’s not just a show, it’s a tournament of the strongest skaters where it’s important for each of them to be first, no matter what,” said Zagitova (or the person helping out). write this voluminous text to him).

You cannot argue here. Many have already written what is judged by the criteria of “like” and “dislike”.

But injecting the critics and the media is unacceptable. Still, Alina, as a journalist at the university, should know that her future colleagues are using information events as writing material. The Olympic champion displayed his stunt trick not behind closed doors on the training ground, but in the tournament that has been anticipated all season. And it would be strange if Zagitova’s performance was watched and forgotten. Naturally, the prospect of entering the ice in a new role caused all the reactions that probably stunned the skater. Yes, it turns out that the reaction is not exactly a plus sign – experiments are not always successful.

“I think it’s unusual for a lot of people to look at me like that, but you need to try something new, go ahead,” said Zagitova.
Alina Zagitova - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.03.2023

Before that, in a comment he made to Dmitry Khrustalev, the presenter of the show, right after the show, he often said: “You have to try almost everything in life”. And Alina can only be supported in this. I think the expression “almost everything” that the skater uses is not accidental (not the first time) – it piques his interest. After all, this is “almost everything” for everyone – and it is very curious how it will turn out for Zagitova.

But just Alina – I’m speaking directly to you as a journalist who is a live witness of almost all your performances in major sports, asking you multiple questions and interviewing you after the most important victories, including the Olympic victory. You. You don’t need to be offended that your experiments caused such an ambiguous response. After all, you are experimenting not in the kitchen, but in front of a large audience. You wear a yellow wig at the main tournament of the season, not on your friend’s birthday. Dine with friends at a country-wide show, not a karaoke bar. You’re running a prime time television project, not a line from a neighboring school. Of course, everyone will argue with you, someone will condemn you, shamelessly ridicule every slip of the tongue. You must be ready for this.

However, most of us know something very important, and here I will recall an event from about 20 years ago, from a press conference involving the now famous choreographer and director and then still active skater Ilya Averbukh. Asked a question answering that he made a funny mistake – either he misplaced the emphasis or something else. The journalist automatically corrected him, and Ilya proudly said: “I’m sorry. We were working while you were reading.” And the person who made the comment was embarrassed. He would be doubly embarrassed if he knew what peaks to conquer in what Averbukh has not yet closed.

So, Alina, distinguished by her competence, everyone remembers – when we had time to study and experiment, you drove the ice every day and with almost no time off – and you won. He also won for us, giving us joy and pride in having such athletes. Therefore – of course, try new things, experiment, master “practically everything”. Finally, we are really interested in how it turns out for you!

Evgeny Semenenko - RIA Novosti, 1920, 18.03.2023

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