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Post: Smirnova complained of pain in her leg after winning the Russian championship


Skier Smirnova says she won the Russian championship with leg pain

TYUMEN, March 21 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. Russian cross country champion Ekaterina Smirnova said that she finished the race as a winner in terms of moral and willful qualities due to problems with the periosteum.

Smirnova won the 10km freestyle time trial at the Russian Championships in Tyumen. The skier covered the distance in 26 minutes and 9.9 seconds. Second place was taken by Alina Pekletsova (lag – 2.1 seconds). Third was Elizaveta Pantrina (+11.5).

“I’m just not satisfied with the last part of the distance, I lost a lot, but my periosteum was cramped, I reached only the moral and strong-willed, my right leg did not work at all. The whole season ( periosteum) did not bother me, but in the skiathlon there was an icy track, and in the turns “this part of the leg he was struggling. I work on it, pump my leg, massage. But today that Smirnova only bothered me at the end of the distance and precisely because of the turns,” Smirnova told reporters.

Olympic champion Natalya Nepryaeva missed Tuesday’s race due to illness.

“After the skiathlon there was a deposit. I had a little problem, he wouldn’t let me fight. Today the track is no longer icy, my legs are not tight, but I instructed myself to recharge. From the very beginning when I don’t believe in myself, I relax and I lose it quickly And today I realized that my weather is all thing coincided that day, when I learned that Nepryaeva did not start, I understood: today you can definitely fight for victory, ”added Smirnova.

The Russian Championship will end on March 26.

Russian skier Natalya Nepryaeva - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023

The doctor did not rule out that Nepryaeva could compete in the Czech Republic race on Wednesday.

Source: Ria

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